Thursday, September 18, 2008

more and more and MORE....

Cards that is! lol...creating everyday now....not much time for anything else. Well that's not all true. I have also been baking a bit, running a bit, biking a bit...I like to do things in little bit's as to not become addicted to any one thing ;o

So here is a bit ;) of what i've been up to:

off to do some more playin'...I mean workin' ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holly summer!

Wow the summer has flown past. We have been busy little beavers! Camping, lake, U.S.A., work, playdates, company, school supplies, school, Kevin's birthday....ahhhhh

This weekend is Danielle's wedding shower. It is in Courtenay and that's all I can say right now cause I think she is stalking me to find out more....your not getting more Danielle! :) here is what we have been up to lately:
Crazy Zulu Knot hair with Auntie Danielle!

Apparently the girls dress Harley (our SON) up when we aren't home....

Harley going to give wakeboarding a shot for the first time...he got in the water...then was done...maybe next time :)

The kids on Robby/Trudy's Hotdog! So fun!

ME! On a wakeboard! I actually still can't believe that it really is as easy to get up as they say, they being Michele and Jason! I highly recommend it people! :)

Then there was school! Summer grade 7, Zoe grade 5, Harley grade 1....boy I'm getting old!

And last but not least....some of my lastest creations:

Soft Country:


Thanks for looking....hopefully you were entertained :)

cheers till next week....I promise to blog more :)