Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi everyone!

Well I have discovered that I just love learning new things! I love creating so maybe that has something to do with it! lol....this past weekend we, ok ok Kevin, built a greenhouse in our backyard. Gotta love a guy that spends his weekend doing something for his wife cause she wants to give it a guy! :) So I have decided it's time to learn to grow some of my own veggies....well at least I'm gonna try! ;)

I have gotten some paper cut to make some more grids but that is as far as that has gotten....boy I wish there was more time in a day! Whoever thought of the 24hour thing was a nut! I know I know the sun has a lot to do with it...anyhow....I have committed to spending more time on my much time is still up for debate in my head...but the committment is there.

Unfortunately I have also discovered that I love so many blogs out there and they are showing me that I have soooo much to learn as far as stamping....boy I love stamping....but holly molly who knew that colorin' in an image could be so brain is on overload....hence the "unfortunate" part of this statement! lol

Life in the Beaudry house has been like this lately:

-setting up pool
-mowing lawn
-setting up trampoline
-trying to exercise periodically
-cleaning pool water
-washing a million towels
-hangin & folding laundry...gotta love the summer line!
-feeding starving little people
-birthday parties
-going to tofino
-going to coombs
-end of school...this doesn't affect me much, who am i kiddin'
-trying to find time for art
-dreaming way to much.....not sure i could pull it all off
-planning wedding shower & stag for best friend, I am the matron of honor...had the position for years we, I mean she, just had to find the man to marry
and on and on and on my life goes....good thing I love it!

Later gators!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life again!

Wow my life sure gets in the way! lol...I have been very creative lately but haven't turned out a grid in over a month. WOW...I am working on:

-finished up my disneyland album (we went 3 years ago!)
-wedding album (we got married 13.5 years ago!)
-christmas album (3 years behind)
-kids school albums (3 years behind)
-went bridesmaid dress shopping in Victoria over the weekend
-working on creating new blog as this one is too limited to me...the name that is...yes I'm particular, and I would like to be able to have it be more fun/fancy....this blog stuff is lots to learn! I'm not as technical as I thought I might be :(

I will post more or maybe I'll post on the new one...when I get it up to snuff!