Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help if you can!

Evening everyone!

I came across a post I just couldn't walk away from tonight on Alison's free digital stamps blog, a request for help if you can. Her father has had a stroke and her parents are having a hard time financially. So Alison has gathered together some amazing and super great artists and come up with a great digital stamp pack that we can purchase and the money goes to her parents. How super easy is that? I love all the images so of course I purchased them :) So now I'm posting here just in case you wanna have a look see for yourself. (Digital images are "usually" $3.00 plus each....so 5/$10.00 is a good deal)

NO pressure...Just help if you can!

Have a great night!
xo Lisa

Paul's Blog Candy


Just browsing about the internet this a.m. and came across Paul's blog candy! I love Paul's creations, I think it's the simplicity but also his creativity that draws me to his work....and it's a bonus that he loves loves loves Bugaboo images!
Anyhow, if you wanna have a chance to win some fun candy go check out his blog HERE

He has also included was to earn "bonus" entries, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out! ;)
Ends Sept.10th
thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi everyone! Well I finally took some pictures of my scrapspace....can't call it a scraproom because I'm sharing it with Harley (it's actually his bedroom) He's loving having me in there right now though...someone to hang with and I don't mind listening to him explain how his video game is going!

As for the rest of the house....I think I'll wait and do before and after pictures as I paint each room. :)
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xo Lisa

Monday, August 23, 2010

challenge #3 & #4

This card is pulling double duty! lol It's for Mo's Digital Pencil challenge and also for her facebook page!

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xo Lisa

2nd challenge for today

Ok here is today's second challenge card. This is for Gloria's August 1st sketch...yes I did them backwards ;)

The image is a Mo's Digital Pencil
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xo Lisa

Gloria's August Challenge

Morning all....as you have seen before on my blog my good friend Gloria posts a bi-monthly card challenge over at Canadian Scrap Swap & Chat!

Here's my take on the sketch:

That's it for now....I have another job interview today, then coming home to tackle some of the cards on my challenge list!
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xo Lisa

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

living together....

True stories:

2 days ago the conversation goes like this:

Eddy...getting dressed hits his belt on the metal bedframe

Lisa....still trying to sleep says "can you make more noise, I'm trying to sleep"
Eddy...sarcasticly as he can says "and the police cars didn't wake you up?"
Lisa....trying to be a city girl says "of course not...so shhhhh"
Eddy....says "piss off jerk"
Gosh I love him

Last night:
Lisa....in the bathroom brushing my teeth
Eddy....comes to the door and decides it's a good time to hold my butt while I brush my teeth
Lisa...accidently farts
Eddy....(with the most disgusted looked I've seen to date) "REALLLLLLY?"
Lisa...."I didn't mean to"....(while peein' in my pants)
Lisa....(in my head)...it's really just payback for the fart last week that Eddy released straight into the fan while I was just about to laydown on the bed....so said fart went directly, and I mean no passing go here, to my brain cavity....see payback.
Eddy....(to me this a.m. as we are laughing about it) "I'm logging that into my payback book"
Lisa....ultimate payback...blog about it :) ahhh the upper hand!

I love my life
I love Eddy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kenny K's Krafty Girlz Challenge!

Ok here is another card....for my first ever entry into Kenny K's challenges. I discovered Kenny K images from Vanessa's blog...and fell in love instantly...they are so fun & hip!

So the challenge was "bold and bright"...here's my take:

Sorry for the shadows!
If you wanna check out Kenny K's challenge or designs go HERE
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cheers Lisa xo

Mo's digital pencil challenge

Ok followers, first off thanks for your patience! lol I know I have been promising pictures of the house and my scrappy space....but guess what...it's a mess already....so I'll clean up today when the kids are gone to their dads and then take pictures! I have found the camera cable cord so I'm good to go! ;)

I did however manage to play a bit! yay!

Over at Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge Blog there is a photo inspiration challenge. Not easy for me usually, but this time it just flowed out of me....maybe the two months of not being able to craft helped!

Well that's it for right this minute....but I feel like I'm really "back" so I'll post again soon!
xo Lisa

Monday, August 9, 2010

New, new, new!!

New town
New house
New dynamic to our relationship
New jobs
New schools
New phone numbers
New stores
New scrapbook stores!!
New scrapbook space!
Good thing we love new ;)

Thursday will be new Internet & cable connection so I will be able to share some pictures of all this "newness" then ;)
till then...happy scrappin'
xo Lisa