Friday, April 30, 2010

Masculine Mo!

Mo's Digital Pencil  challenge this week is "masculine". Thankfully she has given away a masculine image cause I have yet to get my sticky glittery little fingers on any others! lol

My son Harley has a birthday party (well he's there now! lol) today and he needed a money card. I'm so happy people are ok with getting cash now! Easy peasy! I got the star card free online...sorry the name escapes me right now....printed that on blue and attached to the front of the card. The kraft card is actually just card fronts (didn't read the whole package apparently) so it worked for attaching the star card to the front. The making memories pp worked perfect too...with the crown...matchy matchy to the "charming" image :)

Well that's it for me right to my scraproom! Thanks for stopping by! xo Lisa

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today's card is for a friends little girl...she is turning 1 on May 23rd. I helped her make the invitations yesterday so I figured I'd get the card done today before I forget! It was nice helping to do the invitations because I learned that her toy box is over flowing...but they are excited to be saving to build her a playground in their a donation to that is perfect! So a money pocket card it is! I did see this idea online the other day, so it's not original but sorry I can't remember where I saw it or I would link it up!

The Oh Alice! challenge this week is to incorporate "food" into your card. The pattern paper I have with the cherries and apples was a perfect starting point!

the front "inside"

the front "outside"
the blue thread threads thru the flower and button to hold the flap closed

the inside of the card

Both images are Bugaboo stamps

It was fun to make such a girly card!
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sassy Cheryl Challenge

Another challenge another card ;) This card is made for this weeks Sassy Cheryl challenge #9 - white on white. Which is hard. Don't believe me...give it a try ;)

The Sassy Cheryl image is the one that I picked from my winnings from last weeks challenge! yay!

Thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa

Mo's Digital Pencil

Afternoon all. This afternoons card is for one challenge only...can you believe it ;) here's the challenge: Mo's Digital challenge - recipe: three pp, two buttons/brads, one ribbon. Here's my card:

Sorry for the crappy picture...the sun was beaming in the window (tough life I know)
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

A JOYful Aqua Christmas!

I crack myself up even if you don't giggle at the titles! (just so you know) So this card I made for two challenges.

1st challenge - Susie & Vikki's Christmas Club - JOY PEACE NOEL
2nd challenge - Pink Elephant Aqua

The paper just worked for an Aqua Christmas card! yay!

Here it is:

I think I might actually stick with doing the weekly Christmas challenge...can you imagine having all your Christmas cards done way before Christmas....oh the thought! lol
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Bugaboo meets a Die Cut Elephant

Ok I think I need to find some friends! lol I am enjoying making up titles way to much! Someone have me committed pleasssssseee! lol

Ok ok...three challenges for this card:

1st challenge - Bugaboo stamps April showers / sketch
2nd challenge - Die Cut Dreams make your own flowers
3rd challenge - Pink Elephant color - Aqua

So here's my interpretation of those three ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

What's on your workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW

I keep seeing all these desks on Wednesday's in my google reader...I've checked out what's going on with the "WOYWW" thing plenty of times but either been too chicken or too lazy to post my desk. Well today I felt like playing along! So here's what my desk looks like this a.m.

I promise it looks better in real life ;)

So if you wanna play or check out other people's work space hop on over to:

I have a few items to post today so hopefully you check those out too!
And don't forget my new blog candy here

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Pins is open for business!

Pretty Pin Embellishments is open for business!
A few of you may have noticed lately some "pretty pins" have started to appear on my cards. Well I saw a need for something so I created it! Now I have the blog up and running so anyone who wants some "pretty pins" can hop on over and purchase some!

In celebration of finally being open for business I thought I would run a little blog candy! yay! I know we all love us some candy!
So here's what I need from you and then I'll throw your name in the bowl for some pins! (yes I still use a bowl with folded pieces of paper!)

1. become a follower of this blog (
2. become a follower of Pretty Pin Embellishments
3. take the picture of the pins below and add it to your blog sidebar along with a link to Pretty Pin Embellishments (I need help spreading the word!)

1 pack of pins (winner's choice)
ALSO: for every 50 followers on the Pretty Pins Blog I will add another pack of spread the doesn't hurt ;)

I am so excited to be creating something that everyone will be able to add to their paper crafts to make them that much "prettier"
I will be looking about for other blogs and challenges to sponsor so if you own a blog and run challenges give me a shout out and we can chat!
Thanks so much for the gals gotta stick together...right? ;)
Thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just because

Yesterday I finished up a card I had started on Friday. I called the post "just because"...cause I just wanted to make a card with no challenge in mind! lol

I used one of the Motivet stamped images that I won a month ago.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Amy Sketch meets a Tiddly Ink!

Third post for today...I'm on a role! This card was made for two challenges:

1st challenge - Amy's Friday sketch
2nd challenge - Tiddly Inks - anything goes challenge

So here's my entry:

I also learned to tie better bows from Amy's Blog she has many great tutorials if your in need of help!
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Sassy Challenge!

Today is my play along day! I don't have my computer at home yet (mom's fixed it but I need to get it back) so I had to go with what images I already had printed out. So this one is the winner! lol

Entering in the Sassy Cheryl weekly challenge

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Tam's 5 things on your desk challenge

Afternoon all! So Tam over at Canadian Scrap Swap & Chat has issued a "today only" challenge! yay! I love it when that happens right when I'm about to work on my list of challenges already! The challenge was to create a card with 5 things that are on your desk and only on your desk, with the exception of card stock. At first I thought it might be a challenge for me because I typically (not always) keep my desk pretty is what I walked into today:

LOL there was plenty to choose from because apparently it was a "non-cleaning up afteryourselfday yesterday"!
So this is the little card I created....even with that much to go with I had a hard time not cheating!

I used:
inked the edges of card stock
image (was on the desk with piles of others...thankfully!)

There you go....a great challenge....something fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Motivet blog candy!

Motivet is having a blog candy in celebration that their baby girl is 1month old already....can you believe how quickly those little critters grow! Speaking of Motivet I won two of their stamps back when their baby was born and I haven't inked them yet...they are just so pretty to look at in the package...I'll ink them today in honour of their celebration! yay! So check them out and enter the candy if you wanna win 6 free stamps! I know I do!

I have the one on the bottom right...I think I'll use it to make a card today for a little baby girl I know :)

thanks for stopping by!

Oh and this makes post 181....guess I should gather my 200 post candy soon! ;)

xo Lisa

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Morning all! I came across a few pictures of Eddy & I while I was downloading my ATC pictures. One of the things I love about Eddy (yes there is still many at this stage ;) ) is that he has the same sense of humour when it comes to picture taking....well his is actually probably more twisted! I have the tendency to take many many self portraits (of myself and us together) and in about 50% of them he looks like this in the background:

Then there is the odd time we end up with some good ones:

Aren't we sexy golfers ;)

Anyhow...back to the reason I was downloading pictures to start with. I'm hosting an ATC swap on Canadian Scrap Chat and Swap. The swap is to make a "summer" set and a "spring" set. This is my "summer" "spring" set will be flowery!
I was so excited yesterday because my Hero Arts background stamps came in the mail. My friend Gloria picked them up in Vancouver for me and mailed them over! yay! I got the flourish background and cling dots! I used them both on my ATC. Fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gloria's sketch challenge April 15th

Well I'm feeling crafty tonight aren't I? lol So here is another card for another fabulous Gloria sketch challenge (I don't believe she creates the sketches...just finds them for us in blog land!) Here's the sketch:

and here's mine:

It was the first time I did paper piercing! Can you tell which part?
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Gloria's sketch challenge April 1st

Well I'm a little behind...but I like the saying "better late than never" (not when it comes to Eddy though...he is on the "disliking" side of lateness ;) ) So Gloria is kind enough to offer up a challenge for us gals at Canadian Scrap Swap & Chat two times per month....she is also kind in that she gives us all month to get both done! Yay! So here is my entry for the first half of April! Can you believe I just said that...can you believe we are almost done another month...I dislike that I'm finding out that time does go faster as you get older! :(

Here's the sketch for those of you not members:

and here's mine:

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Monday, April 19, 2010

Boys will be boys!!......

Hi All.........Hockey was alive and well all weekend!  What better way to enjoy a weekend than to watch it with a 7 year old, and then play it with him?  Here's the 2 of us just enjoying the game and the munchies that Lisa had made for us.  What a girl?  Even though the outcome was a loss in overtime we had fun.  Anyways, this was just the beginning as we had a birthday party to go to the next day........and yup, it was a hockey party.  40 little boys, some adults just playing some good old fashioned road hockey!!  Good time had by all, with the exception of our daughter Summer.  Even though she didn't complain it was plain to see that a road hockey game in the middle of a Sunday isn't her idea of a good time.  Thanks for being a trooper Summer!!  Lisa and myself had a great time and are having a great time playing with the kids!!  Until next time, Eddy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Travel Journal

I made a simple travel journal this week for Al (Eddy's bestfriend/roommate).  He is off to Thailand soon and with him being of the "male" orientation I figured he might not think to bring a journal to write in or anything to keep the little bits and pieces of men keep that stuff or is it just us scrapbookers? Anyhow...I made him one so he's best to use it! lol

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something fun!

Vicky at Clips-n-Cuts is celebrating 100 posts and is inviting all of us to connect via our blogs.
When you add your blog's URL and it will show up on everyone else's page cool and such a fun way to connect with fellow bloggers and friends!
Vicky's goal is to reach 1,000 so let's try to make it happen.

1. Add your blog!

2. Copy the script below and paste it on your blog post while in HTML mode

Hope I got it to work! lol...just something fun! :)

We show our spirit!

Just needed wanted to show you all that I have team spirit too....and I have the kid on my side! Ok Ok he would probably be on Eddy's side but Eddy's not here right now is he! lol

How could we not pull out our jerseys! Yes I will be doing a scrapbook layout with this dandy of a photo!

As for Eddy's "offer" for me to grow hair where ever I thanks...I like razor' to use the feel of them after. I'll think of something though....stay tuned....and if your so inclined feel free to leave payback motivational options ;)
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa
p.s. the game is in overtime right now....see...great girlfriend ;)

The Playoffs are on!!....and the beard too!!

Hi everyone........well my team is starting the playoffs tonight.  I guess by now most of you have heard about the "playoff beards" that most men grow when the spring rolls around and our favorite team has a chance to hoist the cup.  I started mine on Tuesday and I know this gets Lisa  Anyways, WE are excited to get this journey to the cup started and see what happens in a couple of months.  I can't explain the purpose of the beard but I've done it as hockey player when I was younger and have done it ever since.....when the Canucks made the playoffs of course.  So, I will get Lisa to take some pictures every weekend to see the progress of the beard and hopefully you can see it grow over the next couple of months!!  Lisa calls this the bait and switch tactic.....but like most women, doesn't understand the magnitude of the beard.  She will soon find out that I'm not the only one when she sees some of the grizzled veterans on T.V..  I have put a offer out there for her to grow some sort of hair too, but I will leave that up to yours and hers  Unitl next time, Eddy. 

Blog candy winner!

Today is the day to pick a winner for our mini candy! I don't know how to do the random generator thingy....and I don't have my computer to print off the comments section and cut them I had to write them all out...cut them all out....and fold them all up....put them into a big metal bowl and found a child! Not easy when they are all getting ready for school.

I managed to find the 13 year old. She was in her room...getting "ready" I say can you pick one please (holding large bowl with white folded pieces of paper in it out) she actually got gitty....gosh she's cute! ;)

She picked "scrapthat". Yay! Please email me your addy and I'll get the prize off to you! Thanks everyone for playing and for "promoting" our little blog on your blogs! We appreciate the audience....everyone likes an

So hopefully a handful of you stick around....we will be having more candy! lol I am actually currently stockpiling for the 200 post candy. We are currently sitting at close....yet so far away! lol

I haven't posted any projects lately because my computer is actually "down" mom is my computer techy and figures it might be the internet card and the she is working on those for the meantime I have her laptop....but I don't have my digi images to print....or all my blogs I usually visit...I know I know...I'll get over it...when my computer is back! lol

Haven't heard from Eddy on here for awhile either....wonder what he's brewing up.......

Till next time. Thanks for playing along!
xo Lisa

Monday, April 12, 2010

Computer's! grrr

Computer's can either be your best friend or your worst enemy! Our decided last Tuesday to stop working so well. We couldn't get on the Internet! yuk! So I have only been able to say a quick hello on some of the blogs/sites I visit using Eddy's laptop.  Mom (aka computer techie) was away on holidays so it wasn't until today that the broken computer has gone in for repairs. And the best thing about mom's computer lab...they lend laptops to keep children & grandchildren happy! yay! Thanks mom!

So I'm back to computer/blog land! I haven't had a chance to look at my google reader yet...but with 7 days away I figure the new posts are up at about 200plus! yikes...I think I'll have to just look at the last few days!

Also I see some new faces to our great! Thanks for stopping by and visiting and I promise to keep crafting/sharing....and to keep up the humour as much as we can. Having three kids, two dogs and a boyfriend I adore really does make for some good times! Next weekend when Eddy is back with the camera I'll share some current photo's we have taken lately....unless he decides to post this week (if you do keep them decent babe! lol)

Oh and guess what?? The Canucks made it into the playoffs. know what that means. PLAYOFF BEARD. Shit...I was actually hoping they wouldn't make it. Frankly I'm not a fan of beards period. I LOVE Eddy's goatee...but he is going to grow a full make my face scratchy and itchy when he kissed me beard! :( I am however grateful that I don't have to see the first few days of no hair at all....cause apparently he needs to shave the goatee off in order to grow the "playoff beard". The whole thing reminds me of that bad "support beard" commercial that was going on for the Olympics. Just a weird concept to me. But then again Eddy puts up with loads and loads of my weirdness....and is even supportive sometimes. So I will show my support...I will continue to kiss him (even though I'm sure it's gonna hurt) ;) and I will wear my pink Canucks jersey! There is a game Saturday night that we will watch together...I'll try to get one of the kids to take a picture of us in our jerseys....and you can see the "beard" at the same time. GO CANUCKS GO....just not tooooo far ;)
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mo goes pastel

This weeks challenge over at Mos Digital Challenge is to go pastel! I made this card for Eddy's mom Vicky....they came over for Easter dinner last was a success! Eddy & I managed our first dinner's official...we are a grown up couple! Summer (13 year old) learned how to play crib from Vicky. All and all a great night!

Here's the card I made:
Thanks for stopping by!
Don't forget to we have a mini blog candy going can find the link/picture at the top right of the blog!
xo Lisa

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sassy Cheryl gets a little distressed

Happy Easter everyone! I am eating chocolate and it's 8:39 a.m. It's gonna be a good day! ;)

So today's card is for this weeks challenge over at Sassy Cheryls!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa
p.s. don't forget to check out our candy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Easter Bunny is coming...bugaboo style!

Just a quick post to show off the Easter baggies I made. Jodie (owner/creator) over at Bugaboo gave away a wonderful Easter set for Easter! Thanks Jodie!! So of course I had to make something with them...and my Easter baggies were screamin' for some attention! So this is what came of the two ;)

2 blue boys and 3 pink girls!
Thanks for stopping by!
Don't forget to check out our Candy!
xo Lisa

....and things about me!!

Well, since Lisa has thrown herself out there I figured I should as well.  It's only fair right?  So here goes.....a little something for you guys to know about me:
1.  I have a shoe problem.....seriously.
2.  I am a neat freak, but not too freaky.
3.  My shoes have to match my shirt, always.  I'm not kidding.
4.  I can play baseball with both hands.  Hitting and catching.
5.  I'm a great cook.  Just ask the kids.
6.  I love golf and I'm happy I get to share this with Lisa.
7.  I just became computer savvy less than a year ago.
8.  My socks match ALL the time, but it doesn't bother me that Lisa's and the kids don't. 
9.  I work very hard and have a great career.
10. I leave my towel on the floor at Lisa's just to see what kind of reaction I can get ;)
11.  I don't make my bed at home, but I do at Lisa's.  Go figure.
12.  I like grocery shopping.
13.  I hate iphones, I'm a Blackberry guy.  Big fingers ;)
14.  I kept everything that Lisa has given me....awwwhhhh!!!
15.  I love leftovers, especially if I didn't cook it.
16.  I enjoy blogging with Lisa.
17.  I seperate my laundry....always.
18.  I love my life!!!

There you go......somethings about me.  Now you can probably see why Lisa and I get along so well........until next time, Eddy.

Mini Candy!

Yes you read it right! We are having a mini candy! I am stockpiling the "goods" for the big 200 post candy but I wanted to warm you up with a mini candy.
So if you would like your name in the draw for our mini candy just do the following:
1) become a follower
2) link our candy in your sidebar
3) leave us some love ;)....yes I'm getting desperate here...Eddy gets more love than me...something has gone wrong...horribly I'm gonna bribe you! ;)

Here's the candy!
5 medium tags
10 mini tags
5 packs of bling
4 ribbon, 4ft each color shown
Candy will remain open until April 15, 2010

You know the best part of the parade when your a kid...the candy!
Well same with blogs really...we're all here for the candy! ;)
Thanks for stopping by.
Cheers LISA! ;)

I will ship international too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I love about me!

You know what I think....cause I know your wondering ;)....I think we don't enjoy, celebrate, love ourselves enough! So I decided to share some things I love about me...(prepare yourself for some quirkiness)

1) I put the headphones on when I'm on the computer and dance in my chair...yes I can type and dance!
2) I make my bed everyday...but I couldn't care less if my kids beds aren't made...but their rooms have to be tidy...always!
3) I actually pout...stick my lip out and pout...all by myself usually.
4) #3 happens a lot when Eddy is not here...I actually get mad at his side of the bed and turn my back on it!
5) I go to bed every night that Eddy is not here with my slippers on...when he's here he's my foot warmer!
6) I like red wine
7) I am competitive
8) I like bright colors but not typically pastels
9) I can't spell worth a darn.....(and just recently found spell check on here) yes I'm blonde ;)
10) I love sending cards in the mail to my friends
11) I'm teaching my kids about the "real" world....I tell them no one will rescue them....from our life! lol kiddin' ....
12) I swear....typically a lot! and I let the kids swear a home...we have "at home words"
13) I don't care if someones socks match or not
14) I found my soul mate at 35
15) I'd love to
16) I'm sure I'll do this again sometime soon ;)

oh and The B-52's are a great band to dance in your chair to! xo Lisa

"Nothing else matters"............

I think Lisa's is just great the way she is and I would never want her to change the way she is to suit someone else's ideals. All that matters is that she remains true to herself, doesn't change (I love the girl that I met first) and everything else will take care of itself. As for my parents, they already like her so it's just dinner, no pressure and we'll just have fun. I have the pleasure of having a pretty good relationship with her parents but that's because we see them more than mine. Long distant relationships can do that depending on where you spend the majority of your time. We're having a great time learning new things and family is just one of them. At the end of the day though, it's just Lisa and I and the kids. That's what matters. Until next time, Eddy.


Is just dinner...until it's the first time you have the new "in-laws" over for dinner. You know the one I'm talking about....before they are "out-laws". I think the worse part is being divorced once already (no Eddy & I are not married...YET) so I know how in-laws can turn to out-laws and I don't want that to happen!

Frankly I think it happens without you even knowing it! Same with the brother & sister in-laws. I personally think it's because you don't get to hand pick them. You get to hand pick your partner....but not their family! I was actually happy in the said divorce to lose a couple of the "in-laws"....but this time I want to have them remain "in-laws". I like them. They are nice people and seem to like me....well most of them! lol Hey I don't think you can throw a bunch of people together and say "like each other and get along forever" and have it work. It's just not in the cards. So I'd actually rather just keep the mom & dad in my pocket and not worry so much about the rest....I think that's the winning combination. Boy that got sidetracked....or should I say I got sidetracked! lol

So dinner is Sunday night. We are cooking a ham, double baked potatoes and brocolli/cauliflower. I'm making mini cheesecakes for dessert. Hopefully I win them over...for a little while at least ;)

I think I should make a card...maybe that will impress them!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa