Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check this out....she's got 100,000 blog hits! WOW!

What else do you say but WOW and lets celebrate!

Kellie Winnell has some awesome candy up for grabs to one lucky person! This is what she's giving away because she has had 100,000 hits to her blog!

Copyright to All That Scraps

Go have a look...enter...and maybe you'll win (NOT - cause I'm going to! lol)
Thanks for checking me out ;)

Tiddly Inks for a friend

Today I crafted a card for a family friend that is in the hospital. Unfortunately she fell down an elevator shaft about 4 months ago and her ankle was broken badly. She had many many complications and has had to have her lower leg amputated. So the least that I can do is send a card. I wish I could do more...I think we all do!

I used a freebie image from Tiddly Inks!
Thanks for stopping by and if you have an extra good thought/prayer could you send it to our great family friend Dot!

A Layout...NOT a card!

Well last night I decided to take the Picture Perfect Creations color challenge....BUT it had been awhile since I made a layout so I went with that instead of another card. It was a hard set of colors to work with but I like how it turned out in the end!

The journal spot was created by my friend Tammy in one of our swaps!
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that Picture Perfect Creations is having a design team call...so if you want to check it out click on their name and it will take you to the link to find out more!
Good luck! xo

A cuttlebug meets a bug and an elephant!

I do wonder if you get the same giggle out of the title as I do?

Anyhow...another card from Lisa :)

3 Challenges:

1st challenge - Bugaboo challenge - use colors coral, kiwin, banana (plus I used their image!)
2nd challenge - The cuttlebug spot - celebrate their colors (pink/green)
3rd challenge - The pink elephant - use pastels

So here's mine:
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meljen's Designs Challenge

Well this card is just for one challenge - Meljens Designs - featured stamper!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Cuttlebug meets a bunny in the garden!

HA HA...making up the titles of my posts seems like half the fun! lol

So tonights mini card is for the following three challenges:

1st challenge - Cuttlebug - easter
2nd challenge - 2cute rubber stamps - bunny image (which they gave away free)
3rd challenge - Sassy designs by Susie - spring garden

Here's my mini :)

The grass, flowers and butterfly are old stickers! How fun!

And just because I was already making a mini I decided to make another mini with my newest bugaboo stamp!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man gossip!

I just figured it out....what and when men gossip!

Ok Ok here's the lead up to it. So Harley (son) and I have come up to Eddy's house for the night...a mom & son sleepover. Eddy's roommate is Al (Big Al, Stal...you get the idea) also in the house is Al's son....so the boys are in heaven...all  of them. Eddy made the boys some "manly" burgers...I'm not sure a woman could open her mouth that wide that's how big those suckers were! yikes! Al went out with some friends to watch the UFC fights so Eddy & I were on "kid patrol". Easy peasy really when you have two boys that don't get much "boy time". I sat in front of the t.v. making more paper roses while Eddy watched UFC. Yes I watched a little bit. So to the gossip part now that you have the scene in your head (sorry if it's not clear, I'm not a screenwriter). Al gets home and him and Eddy go into "play by play" mode (yes that's my best discription of it) I'm sitting here listening to them thinking "this is it...this is man gossip". I don't think men gossip about other men...I think they gossip about sports and what's on t.v.
Gossip is a "who did what, who said what" right? So that is what men gossip about. They get animated about it.....just like women get animated when they gossip. I'm not saying gossip has to be negative...cause frankly I really don't think it all has to be...yes sometimes it is....anyways...I just wanted to say to all you out there that that's what I think. Men gossip about t.v. stuff....so they just don't have the time or energy to gossip about anything else!
Maybe you all have figured this out already and I'm just getting on the boat....but I can say I walked the ramp all on my own! ;) Anyhow...that's my take...my opinion...so don't sue me ;) lol
Hope your having as much fun/entertainment in your life as I am!
Cheers Lisa xo
You want a giggle...sit with two men watching sports highlights...it really is pretty amusing! ;) xo Lisa

A Sweet Sketch meets some 4Fun colors!

Ok here's another card for a couple more challenges...I love when I get lots done in a couple days time!

Here's the challenges:

1st challenge - Sweet Sketch Wednesday - sketch
2nd challenge - Create4Fun - color recipe

So here's mine:

Here's a close up:

 The image is a Bugaboo stamp which I just love!
Off to pack up some crafty supplies, the kids, the dogs......and go see Eddy! yay!
Thanks for stopping by!

Mo meets PPC!

Enough with the boy talk lets get back to the crafts! The true heart of my existance! lol

I was extremely tired last night...well my eyes were...I think I need to get them tested....yes I'm hitting that age. (no comments Eddy!) So although my eyes were tired the house was quiet...and a quiet house just screams (not literally) for some crafting time!

So today's post is for two challenges:

1st challenge - Mo's Digital Pencil - sketch
2nd challenge - Picture Perfect Creations - color

So here's my card...made with sore eyeballs! lol

I did a couple close up's of the butterflies I created out of the cuttlebug plate packaging...I love that I can create something out of the "garbage/recycling". I stuck them on with the gluegun then added stickles around the edges....they are so fun to make!
The roses I also made again...this time the yellow ones are actually the same pp that I used on the card...it was my first time using pp and I like how it turned out! They are glittery in real life...but it's hard to get a picture of glittery (yes it's a word in my world)
Thanks for stopping by...off to the craft room I go....before I go see the man I gotta get the crafting time in!
cheers Lisa xo

Friday, March 26, 2010

I finally got him here! bwwwaaaaahaha....

As you can see by the previous post Eddy has joined my blog! NOT because he is crafty...although he keeps talking about drawing some images for me, but because I think he's one of the funniest people I've met....and frankly he's to great to not share! (insert noise of Eddy's head exploding from over filling here)
A "he said...she said" kind of idea has actually been bouncing about in my head for a few years...since my girlfriend Danielle and her then boyfriend Rob decided to get married....I thought "what better way to enjoy the journey to the alter than to blog about it". NO Eddy and I are not getting married (yet...poor bugger doesn't even know what he's in for) But we are in this relationship together....going somewhere...I don't think either of us is worried "where" exactly...we're just enjoying the ride for today!
Where was I going with this?? Oh right...so anyhow I think it will be fun and amusing (for me at the very least) for us to share our thoughts, craftiness, playfulness, humour and possibly the occasional debate! (first one I can think of off hand...the "play off beard"...I'm told it's coming! NOT) So stay tuned! I'm sure it's about to get a whole lot crazier around here!

Finally Here!!

Well, it took her awhile but she finally got me to say something on here.  What can I say?  Well, first of all, I am very proud of her work and what she posts on here.  I'm learning everyday what this means to her and I couldn't be happier that she has something that she is passionate about.  One big bonus to all of this is the fact that I'm the recipient of some pretty nice cards.........and lots of them.  Unitl next time.....the boyfriend, Eddy.


Afternoon all! I took a break from cleaning the craftroom (almost done) and made this card.

Three challenges for this card:

1st challenge - Oh Alice! - use butterfly or caterpillar
2nd challenge - SPCC #40 - color challenge
3rd challenge - Doodle Dragon - easter with a Doodle Dragon image (the butterflies)

The Alice & Hatter image are Bugaboo stamps - not required for this challenge but how could I not use Alice & Hatter for this challenge!

Thanks for stopping by!


Time for some changes! I have changed my blog address...yay!! I have been wanting to change it from gridworksartist for a long time cause I don't make those anymore! lol Yes I change things in my life almost faster than I change my undies! lol Anyhow...as you may have noticed I also used the handy dandy blogger and changed my blog page up a bit too! Hope you enjoy and I hope I don't lose any followers cause of the changes! oppps! :)

I do see with the change I've lost all my comments :(

annnnd it looks like my comments are back! yay!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4 challenges! phewwww

Wowsers (yes it's a word in my world) I made a card for 4 challenges! My max so far...I don't know if I can handle the pressure of making a card for that many challenges very often! lol

Here's the drumroll part:

1st challenge my friend Gloria at Cdnscrapnchat - sketch
2nd challenge Pink from Paper Hugs
3rd challenge Easter from Sassy Cheryl's Challenge Blog
4th challenge Recipe from Die cuts R us

So here's what I came up with:

Again I've used a freebie image, this time from Sassy Cheryl, one day I'll own some so I can have a bigger variety to work with...but I still like to play along...so with that said I'm very grateful for freebies!
Thanks for stopping by!

Orange and a sketch

When I say "orange" all I can think of is the knock knock joke with the punch line "orange you glad I didn't say banana"...oh boy! lol

Anyhow...one of today's creations has been inspired by the following two challenges:

1st challenge use orange over at Paper Hugs
2nd challenge was a sketch over at Create 4 fun challenge blog

So I know you are all dying to see my card (right) lol kiddin'

I used a freebie image from Tiddly Inks, you should check them out if you haven't...way too cute!
I must admit this is the first card in a long time that I'm not over the moon about...something about it is rubbing me the wrong way...maybe it's cause I wish I was eating the cupcake not coloring it ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sassy meets a Pink Elephant!

I love trying to come up with titles...I think it's part of the reason I keep my cards to a maximum of 3 challenges! lol

Ok so onto this card. Two challenges for the price of one card ;)

1st challenge is over at Sassy Cheryls Challenge Blogspot , the challenge was to use orange, green, black and glitter! Plus one of Cheryls totally cutie pie images! I have yet to buy any of her images (not for lack of wanting) so I used one of the freebies. I must say I'm so impressed with how many freebies people give...smart if you ask me...get us hooked and we come back to buy more!
2nd challenge is over at The Pink Elephant Challenge Blogspot , the challenge was a sketch.

Here's my card:

Sorry the picture is a bit bright...I'm used to taking my pictures during the day now...but I needed to get this one done tonight as the Sassy Cheryl's challenge ends tonight...I believe ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

Magnolia meets purple!

So this is the first easel card that I have ever made. The challenge over at Just Magnolia is to make a easel card with a magnolia image on it. I BELIEVE this is a Magnolia image I have used. I got RAK'd some images from a lady who's daughter was talking with my daughter's....so I don't know for 100% that it is a Magnolia image...and I can't find it online to check...but I believe that it is. So if not...I'm sorry! yikes! lol I'm also playing along this week with the color challenges over at Paper Hugs.

Anyhow...I'm entering this card in two challenges

1st challenge Just Magnolia blog
2nd challenge Paper hugs

Here's my card:
I'm giving this card to Eddy's mom for Mother's Day!
(I can't say which card is for my mom cause I'm not sure if she visits here!) ;)
Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Motivet meets Yellow!

Hi again...it's me! lol I find I make so many posts everyone that follows must get sick of me! ohh well ;)

So I finished my entry for motivet blog challenge last night but I think I may be too late to enter it...that's ok if I am, cause I love my card! I also did it mostly in yellow to work for paper hugs blog challenge of yellow!

1st challenge Motivet
2nd challenge Paper Hugs

Here's my card:

I even handmade the flowers last night! I love making roses now!
Not sure if you can see or not but I added to clear butterflies, I used the film that was left over from some mini pearls and cut them out with my MStewart butterfly punch, then I added a spritz of water, perfect pearls and latte alchohol ink, with jewels for the body of course!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd Card today!

This one is for a challenge over at Paper Hugs
Here's mine:

Using all that glitter was fun!
I also got to use my ribbon punch finally!
Thanks for stopping by!

Oh Alice meets Spring!

Another "springy" card....this time with the help of a sketch!

Check out the challenges!

1st challenge: Oh Alice!
2nd challenge: The Pink Elephant Challenge blog

Here's mine:

Thanks for stopping by!

Bugaboo meets spring meets a recipe!

3 challenges for the price of 1! Yay!

1st challenge over at Catch the Bug Challenge Blog
2nd challenge over at Poppy Seed Challenge
3rd challenge over at The Pink Elephant Challenge Blog

Here's my entry:

Thanks for stopping by!


Like the journalling says "who doesn't love sparklers!" We decided one night why save the sparklers for just Halloween...so out they came...out we went...and what fun we had! Give it a try...you'll be happy with your pictures too!

The flowers on the top left were made from my dear friend Lynnette in a flower swap!
The journal spot was actually another swap item...made by me! lol
The letter's "sparklers" I actually took CMemories stickers and embossed them with gold!

I wish my pictures showed more details...my LO's look much better in real life...or maybe they just look better from my eye's ;) lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Play Hockey!

What better way to show your hockey spirit than to play a good old fashion game of street hockey!! With girls swarming about to top it off!! Summer was riding her bike, trying to bug the boys I'm sure, and Zoe was out there in full force with the camera (love that!) So here's my boys playing what boys play best....HOCKEY!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Valentine!

My first Valentines with Eddy! :) Gosh I love that man...plain and simple...just love him to bit and pieces!

Making this LO just made me smile the whole time!

Flowers - prima and kaiser
Butterflies - MStewart puch as well as MStewart heart glitter trails behind them
Envie/card - MStewart vellum valentines card set
My Valentine letters - DaisyD's
PP - BoBunny
XOXO punch MStewart as well
(Wal-mart was clearing out MStewart items after Valentines for 75% off...I couldn't help myself!)

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. we were on the golf course at Crown Isle for our first Valentines together....so romantic...walking and playing in the sun together!

DARE grad

Well it was Zoe's turn to participate in the DARE program at school. They offer it to the grade 6 kids....get them while they are young...turn them against a life of crime and drugs!!! YAY!

I was excited to use the tissue flowers that I handmade.
The DARE is chipboard letters with gold embossing.
The black they are on is also chipboard.
The black bling I actually used a template and marked the swirls then added the bling one bling at a time ;)

The funniest part about this LO is the photo itself....not sure if you picked up on it yet or not but Zoe is holding the certificate upside down! LOL Her and I had a great laugh in my craftroom when we were looking at the LO I was creating with it! The reason being I believe is because she was the second kid called up so I didn't get a shot of her with the RCMP member....so after it was all said and done I asked if he could pose with her for a picture (as I'm a scrapbooker and NEED a photo) so he agreed...I basically pushed Zoe over to him and she scrambled to grab her certificate...without even looking at it (either of us) she held it up...I snapped the picture and off we went on our merry way....not until yesterday (after photo development and everything!) did we notice the funny certificate! Makes life priceless doesn't it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Perfectly Purple!

Last night I created one last card before I went off to dreamland. I incorporated two challenges.

First challenge was a sketch challenge from Gloria at Canadian Scrap, Swap & Chat

Second challenge was a color challenge from ppc-challenges

So without further delay...here's my card :)

I embossed the two little sticks poking down.
I cut out the scalloped circles with my nestabilities.
The Sweet Ebony, from The Greeting Farm, is the image that I won when I played on the Oh Alice! blog challenge, I colored her with my copics.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lisa spoils Lisa

This is what I spoilt myself with this month.....shhhhhh don't tell Eddy!!! (sorry the pics are all sideways and upside down...I think it's cause I took them with my iPhone....darn Eddy taking his camera home...darn Summer taking her's to camp) geesh ;)

2 stickles
2 spools wire
1 hockey embellie
MM paper and ribbon slot punching tool

2 Tim's distress paint (clearance)
1 Tim's distress ink (coupon used)
1 bottle flowers (on sale)
2 Studio G stamps (one coupon used)
1 Tim's swivel clasps set (on sale for 2.49!)
2 packs cards/envies (clearance)
3 sheets pp for current projects!
70 sheets of cs (all on clearance!)

Hey the way I look at it....the world can be happy I only have one addiction and it doesn't hurt anyone!
You all know what I mean right?? ;) lol
Thanks for stopping by
Off to play in my room!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow....watching "how to" video's can sure get in my way of doing laundry! Yikes! Oh well...the laundry will still be there tomorrow! Today was flowers! Here's some roses that I made. Yes another YouTube video inspiration! Fun fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tissue Flowers

Well today I continued with my "playing", trying to learn some new tricks. I watched a bunch of video's on youtube about flower making because I'm in a homemade flower swap. I'm sorry but I can't find the same youtube video to give the lady that showed how to make tissue flowers the proper credit, but just know this is not my idea!
So the first thing to do was fold your tissue paper and place your diecuts on it, I think I folded the one full sheet about 4 or 5 times. I taped down the dies to hold them in place then ran them thru the cuttlebug.
This was the result of cutting them out, two flowers, with about 8 layers of each size, simple & easy...just the way I like it. So the next step was to use your paper piercer and make a hole in the middle for your brad to go thru and hold the flower together.
Once this was done I scrumpled up the flower but it wasn't feeling "complete" to me....so I took the experiment a bit further. I used my mini mister by Ranger and added water, drops of Cranberry Alcohol Ink, and then a mini scoop of Perfect Pearls Bronze. Spritzing on the tissue paper was kinda scary because it looks like it's going to turn to one big soppy mess...but then I took my heat gun out and it dried so crisp and it even curled in all the right places. I'm so happy I experimented with the spritzing!
I took a photo of before and after the water addition...I think it gives it that extra shine! They do look way better in real life...and I was taking the pictures with my iPhone (Summer is away at camp with her camera!)
I think I may switch gears with my flower swap flowers and give these a go instead....we'll see...I'm a "changing my mind often" kinda girl ;) lol
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flower swap

Well I joined up for a homemade flower swap.....then Dolly posted the examples and I almost died! They are soooo pretty...oh boy I thought...so I went on youtube and watched video after video on flower making! lol This is the one that I liked the best and figured would be the easiest (because I can use the cricut) to make multiples of them!

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for stopping by!