Monday, January 18, 2010

Trish's candy

My buddy Trish has some great candy up for grabs...check it out...and check out her blog while your at it...this girl can get her craft on!!

Hope you enjoy your visit over there!

It's time....

to get my butt moving again! I have not walked boulder hill for months...I found a boyfriend and everything went out the window! lol. NO he is not gone, he is very much still in my life...and NO the "honeymoon" is not over...I just know that I need to get moving. I feel best when I'm at my best...and "at my best" for me means I'm healthy inside and out! So tomorrow I start my boulder hill again....I am committed to walking boulder hill for another 21 day stint....that's right...21 days...rain or shine, snow or sleet...I will walk. I'm must have lost my mind...but I plan on putting my middle tire right along with my mind...gone! :)

Wish me luck!

21 days to create a new habit!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Today is my birthday...I'm 36 today. I can honestly say this year will be better than last...not cause last year sucked...but cause I have learned alot of lessons...and I believe when one "learns" from their lessons they move on to new ones....I'm ready for new lessons...I had those same "old" lessons for a lonnnng time! lol

My day has been great! I woke up to the man of my dreams saying "happy birthday baby, time to get up"...can you beat that? Then got all kinds of love, hugs and happy birthday's from my kids....lucky mommy! After the kids were shipped off to school I went over to my girlfriend Tamara's house. There is where all my local girlfriends were. Tamara, Rhonda, Mimi, Darilynn, Mel, Ronni and I all had a yummy breakfast made by Tamara & Rhonda. Did I mention yet that I'm spoilt?? AND while I was out and about with my girls my best boyfriend EVER was at home baking me a "gluten" free cake. After breaky I went home, picked up that bbf ever and went shopping....he spoils me...too much sometimes I think...but according to him today has really just been what a "normal" birthday looks like. I've had good birthday's...but I think this year is different cause of how happy I am. My life is great. My parents ROCK, I have great kids, my brothers are great....and the icing....well Eddy is the icing....see great :) So anyhow...after shopping we came home, Eddy iced the cake....the kids put on too many sprinkles (cause that's what birthday's are about right...the sprinkles) then they all laughed and joked about not having enough candles! buggers....then I wished and I wished and I wished for my new wish (don't forget Eddy is a wish of multi birthday's come true) so time for a new wish....don't worry I wished it :) I'll keep you posted!

Kids are now with their Kevin....and Eddy is in the kitchen...which I have been banned from! I love him...did I mention that! I am checking out all the wonderful facebook "happy birthday's" and all the super great messages from my online scrapbooking group....did I mention how lucky I am and how happy I am with my life?? I sit here....waiting for the steak, king crab and Greek salad to be ready for me to eat! Then we will watch a movie...perfect. Just a perfect day.

You know what I love most about my life right now...this very second....that every single person in my life loves me for me. I no longer hide a thing...I don't need to be anyone but me. I'm proud of me...I'm proud of my strength...I'm proud of my decisions...I'm proud that I can stand up and say "enough"....I'm proud that I can learn.....that I can listen....that I can be loving and I can be loved. It's been a journey my life...but I wouldn't change a thing.

Here's to being 36 and feeling Great! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here's some recent candy out in blogland you might wanna check out....and check out their amazing work while your there! This is a picture of what her candy is: This is a picture of what her candy is:

And another:

And another:

And another:

And another:

Told yah....some GREAT candy but mostly some GREAT talent! Hope you have fun looking like I did! Night! xo

Me & my girls!

I just love this picture of me and my girls! They are getting so big SOOOO fast!! I want them to be 2 & 4 again...I want to do it all over again....not to do it "better" but to just enjoy it again! :)

Life is good these days. Enjoying the ride with's a good ride :) Enjoying working out my life....I have plenty of things on my plate. One of the things I'm focused on now is going back to school. I'm planning on attending North Island College in September for Home Care Attendant. Should be a fun, exciting new adventure!

Nothing new on the scrappy front. Our computer crashed (on mom's laptop) so I haven't been able to "organize, print, burn to cd" my pictures yet...but that is on the to do list for sure. I need to find my mojo and get my "Alberta years" finished up....soon I will...I promise myself!

Just wanted to share a quick update!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Doesn't it seem like life just takes over and you look back at all the time past by and you think "crazy"?....well maybe you don't but I do.

Christmas is done, New Years is done, it's been a couple of weeks that my friend has been without her bestfriend, My bestfriend had a beautiful baby boy.....crazy!!

I'm currently on a "relax" two weeks. My life got very carried away....too busy for this gal. I like to have my down time and when I don't....look out!

So I have been relaxing....yes with candles too!....and cleaning....yes that is relaxing to me ;)....and I will find some time this week to organize my pictures and get some scrapping done! I will I will I will!! (hopefully)

In my relaxing time I've been able to catch up on my friends blog...V is having a wonderful "one year" candy...check her blog out if you haven't before and drop her a note!!

hope your life isn't toooo crazy to enjoy the little things! ;)