Monday, December 29, 2008

hurry up and finish up....

That's what I feel all of a sudden! Not sure if it's because it's the end of the year....or because Kevin & I are heading off to Mexico in 6 days! I'm a "everything in it's place" kinda that's probably it. Not sure if I will get the tree and decorations put away cause it's snowing AGAIN! Ok Ok enough snow already! The box's for everything are under the I think everything can wait till we get back!
Some gift card holder tags I made before Christmas:

Santa brought Harley just what he asked for:The girls checking out Summer's new Dance Revolution....thanks soooo much Santa...I love hearing "tootsie roll" over and over and over and over and over again..... love yah big guy! Yes this is me Christmas morning....I'm posting a picture of me in my jammies with bad hair lol...I was very happy in this picture...Summer made me a beautiful beaded necklace :)This is Harley...up on his Grandma & Grandpa Beaudry's ROOF! The guys had to shovel some of the snow off the roof so they thought it would be fun to send the six year old up there to jump was pretty fun to stomach flipped and flopped a bit but their was enough snow to jump into so it was ok!This is what I've been up to this morning...trying to finish up 2007 Christmas so I can close up the "Christmas" album that has been ongoing since 1993!

Kevin got me a bind-it-all for Christmas...I have a feeling I will be binding alot of mini album's this sure is fun!
I've been wanting to find a "new" way to scrap for a long time now....and I think I found it. Becky Higgin's blog: showcases her great idea of scrapping by week. You take a picture & journal everyday so that every two page layout is a "week" in your life. So I've started it. Of course I won't get the kit with it being a U.S.A. purchase but I will improvise :)

Dec28th...first day of first week...dinner at mom's! Me & Mom! :)

Dec 29th...second day...I'm going to finish Christmas 2007 & 2008 Layout's today!

My scrapdesk!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

December already??!!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger....not sure if anyone reads this to know that I'm a bad blogger...but I guess I know!
So what have I done since Zoe's birthday.
I have created alot of stuff...layouts, cards, Christmas gifts. Time just seems to fly by in this house!
I finally got around to painting our was this teal blue color with a bad wallpaper boarder...I just couldn't stand it anymore.
I've been trying to catch up on my scrapbooking. I am ALMOST at "before we moved to alberta" photo's...which means I am only 3.5 years behind :)

Here's a couple layout's that I did that I like. Some scraplifting from Canadian Scrapbooker was required for extra mojo :)

The kids have made their Christmas cookie tree's with Grandma already....a favourite tradition around here....they are just as yummy to eat as they are to look at :) They also put together a gingerbread house for Kevin & I :) It's missing a few parts already....

Then it was time for our tree to go up....Here's Kevin & Harley putting it up and putting the lights on! You know it's getting close to Christmas when our tree goes up! We are not the kind of people that have the tree up for two months...couple weeks is good for us!
Harley giving me some "Santa"'s good to have a little boy...especially a lovey little one like Harley! xo (don't mind how tired I look)
Zoe helping Harley put the Angel on the top....yes Kevin is behind helping too :)

AND last but not has SNOWED!! Yes snow....and lots of it. I'm not a measuring kinda girl but holly cow there is alot! I was stranded at home for a few days being as the tires on my truck are bald...but that has been new "all seasons" the other night!

Well not sure if I will post before our holiday...Kevin & I are headed to Mexico! Kids with be here with Grandma & Grandpa...the dogs...the hamsters.....I'll be on a VACATION!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone out there in blogland :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!

IT'S ZOE'S 10TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!! (I know I know...I'm far to young!) ;)
We had a great day....roast chicken, mashed potatoe's & garlic for dinner...with lemon meringue pie for desert (Zoe's not a cake kinda gal)...she opened & loved all her presents. Now to just get thru the swimming party on friday after school!
This is Zoe & I on friday night when Kevin was home. We took the kids out for dinner in Campbell River for a treat.

This is tonight on her actual birthday....she's smelling the lemon pie for the first time. She said it tasted better than she imagined it would :)
I've been creating a few cards lately for challenge's over at split coast stampers in the bella forum. Anyone who know's me know's I love bellas :)

Here's what I've made lately:

I also made a card with the theme being "polka dots"...I really wanted to ink up my Superbella so here she is:

Have a fabulous day all!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life continues

Life after a craft fair is great! I didn't realize how much of my life it overtook! I've been making cards, for me!, doing a couple scrapbook pages...I'll post some pictures tonight.

I feel like Santa...making a list, checking it twice! lol...organizing check, cleaning check, arranging check, PAC meeting check....see how easy it is ;)

Well I don't have much else to say at this momento....Kev is home this weekend so I'm sure we will have some crazy adventures then I can tell you all about it on monday :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life returns to normal??

Do I even remember what normal is. For the last few days since the fair has ended my head feels like it's spinnin'. Not in the drunken sense (I wish) but in the what now something's missing. When this happens to me I organize and tidy. Those who know me know this already. So I have been checking tasks off my list....sometimes checking it twice (yes Santa pun intended) I've built the wire rack cube thingy (very technical name there) for my paper's...just need to finish sorting them. I've almost caught up on the card challenge list I had started...only one more to go and I'm there.

The kids are still here ;) I thought maybe along the road they might have dropped off but no such luck! (I'm kiddin' Summer) Kevin's working like a maniac so we can go to Mexico in January....gosh I love that guy!

Here's a couple of the cards I've been working on lately:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy B!

Wow has my life been busy. I get so wrapped up in learning new stuff on the net that I forget to say hi over here!

The Charles Dickenson Craft Faire is this weekend at the filberg center beside the Sid for all you locals if you wanna check it out! I'll be there for the first time ever! Hopefully it goes well :)

So I'm just surfin' about and learning new things...

Check out some of this blog candy:

I'll be a better blogger after this weekend...I promise :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

more and more and MORE....

Cards that is! lol...creating everyday now....not much time for anything else. Well that's not all true. I have also been baking a bit, running a bit, biking a bit...I like to do things in little bit's as to not become addicted to any one thing ;o

So here is a bit ;) of what i've been up to:

off to do some more playin'...I mean workin' ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holly summer!

Wow the summer has flown past. We have been busy little beavers! Camping, lake, U.S.A., work, playdates, company, school supplies, school, Kevin's birthday....ahhhhh

This weekend is Danielle's wedding shower. It is in Courtenay and that's all I can say right now cause I think she is stalking me to find out more....your not getting more Danielle! :) here is what we have been up to lately:
Crazy Zulu Knot hair with Auntie Danielle!

Apparently the girls dress Harley (our SON) up when we aren't home....

Harley going to give wakeboarding a shot for the first time...he got in the water...then was done...maybe next time :)

The kids on Robby/Trudy's Hotdog! So fun!

ME! On a wakeboard! I actually still can't believe that it really is as easy to get up as they say, they being Michele and Jason! I highly recommend it people! :)

Then there was school! Summer grade 7, Zoe grade 5, Harley grade 1....boy I'm getting old!

And last but not least....some of my lastest creations:

Soft Country:


Thanks for looking....hopefully you were entertained :)

cheers till next week....I promise to blog more :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Land

I love looking at others blogs. I get so inspired....then it makes me realize that there is only 24 hours in a day....who ever came up with that was much crafting and so little time!

Drifting around in all of blog land I found these wonderful blogs, will add as I see them:


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All in a week's work....

Here are a couple of this weeks creations:
I made the girls a grid for their room. I had these funny pictures of them when they were younger playing with sunglasses. Different from my normal layouts....but I like it! I am bias :)
Seasons first Christmas not your "typical" Christmas colors!
One of the "male" birthday cards I have created....he reminds me of some men I know! lol Anniversary cardThis one was very special. How many times in your life can you say you got to make a 100th birthday card!! I hope plenty! I made this one for my friend Kris's Grandmother. The 100 is made with chipboard from Stampin Up, the flowers are from Michael's (I take apart flower's on stems I don't buy them in containers)Our garden is growing!! Our garden is growing!! We will soon harvest peas, carrots, beets, beans, peppers, tomatoes...well maybe not "soon" :)
Peas & Beans:Not exactly sure what this is...the plant is from's some kind of squash or something...whatever, it's growing! Isn't it amazing how a plant sends off those curly shoots to grab onto stuff....I sit in my greenhouse and just's wonderful! We went to Nanaimo one day....took the kids to Dollarama...they each got a Beebe gun...this is how they are allowed to play, with eye protection! They are very creative...gotta give them that! A day off with dad consists of fishing down at the local boat launch! They caught about 15 bullheads I'm told...but Harley said "they were too small to eat!" lolThis past long weekend we decided the girls needed a change! More like their room was driving me nuts...I can't stand clutter, well my scrap/craft space is a different story, anyhow, we redid their room. See the closet with the two white cabinets...that has become their bed area. The old closet was only 2inches shorter than their Kevin put up bead board to hide all the wrecked plaster walls and he built in bunk beds!This is the new room! Kevin had a futon that we didn't want to get rid of when we "re-joined" our houses! He also had a computer that the girls of course a new computer desk was in order! Summer loves it....Zoe is waiting for the laptop from Grandma! hint hint :)Here is their new beds. Aren't they COOL! They love it! I love it!

Well, that is my past week in a quick nutshell! :) I tell ya, I know I am one of the luckiest ladies in the world. I figured out by 34 that life is about the quality of your day....cause there ain't no guarantee of quantity!!

Off to blog land!