Saturday, July 17, 2010

2 weeks and counting!

Two weeks from now the moving truck will once again be outside my house. Boxes are getting packing, items are being donated, dirt seems to be growing....but most imporantly I feel happy. I'm 100% living my life. I'm in love with a great man, I have super great supportive parents, I have happy busy exciting kids, I have the best friends a girl could ask for! AND I'm NOT waiting for it all to end...cause it won't. Yes that's something I used to do...but not anymore!

It feels good knowing that this time I'm jumping with both feet while holding someone's hand. Thanks for that Eddy! :)

I don't have pictures to share because our computer is down and out again....two things in life I'm cursed problems (thankfully my mom is a computer fixer wiz) and moving (thankfully I can pack like nobody's business and my kids adjust well!) So I guess I`m not realllly cursed! ;)

So two weeks from now we will pack the truck and take the ferry across the big water and become `townies`as my Grandpa likes to call himself. It will be nice to enjoy a few dates with my Grandpa and Jean!

Well...guess I better run and pack....just giving you all an update....I have not disappeared...just lost in boxes! ;)
Lisa xo