Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Show Me #6

Wow...where exactly did the time go that Sassy Cheryl's is at Show Me #6? Clearly I have been busy....but I took a few minutes to play along this a.m. Now please understand I only have my Iphone to take the pictures. Darn Eddy took the camera to work with him last night. Here's my table (see I can make a bit of a mess too!) and a look inside my drawer ;)

Well not much time to chat today....off to work to earn some scrappy money! ;)
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mo's Challenge #59

Mo's Digital Pencil challenge this week is swirls and flourishes. I created this card last night, just playing around!
Off to work...gotta pay for this craft somehow ;)
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xo Lisa

Friday, November 26, 2010


Another Sassy Cheryl challenge. Oh so thankful is the challenge. Since I'm on a Christmas roll I just kept on rolling ;)
To me this image is thankful because they have each other, they have family.
I created a tag that I can add to a Christmas gift.

The front flap of the tag opens up so I can write inside.
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xo Lisa

Color Me Challenge #3

Color Me Challenge #3 is happening over at Sassy Cheryls blog. My card from challenge #2 won. It was a very proud happy day for me. Really proved to me that if you don't try you won't win. So I tried and won. Now I'm really hooked on the fun. Yes Yes it's also because you get the images at a discounted rate, I am a thrifty girl you know ;) All these Christmas challenges are helping my Christmas card stash!
So here's my card:
My colors are very similar to my challenge #2 card. Its just the paper that picked itself for him! ;)
Can't wait to get crafty tonight and this weekend!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show Me #3

Another chance to show off our spaces over at Sassy Cheryl's. All you need to do is take a picture of your crafty space, post it, snoop around a bit, leave some love, wait to see who wins a freebie image just for playing. Ain't life grand! :) Well it is in my world.

Ok so the low down on my space. My scrafty (scrapbooking/crafting) space is shared with my son Harley. Well it's technically his room but he's young, so I can invade. He actually likes it alot. He spends alot of time hanging out with me. Sometimes he creates a card or colors, other times it's all about the xbox. To which I hear "hey mom look at this trick". He's getting pretty good at the skateboarding tricks I tell yeah! So back to my room. After looking at last weeks picture and feeling a big "pinched" for space on my table I decided to rearrange a bit. It's a fault of mine....organizing and tidying. I've just recently gotten over straightening all the blankets on the couch's every night....give me time for the scrafty space.
So the pictures. First up my table....all cleared and more space to sprawl out when I'm creating. Judging by the pictures I think I may need to clean and stain my table soon, it never did get done. But then again it gives it character right?? ;)

 Next up the newly arranged drawer/embellishment area. I promise everything has a place and I can find most things in 2 minutes....most. ;)
 The cupboard I love. I love that it holds so many baskets of love and then I can close it up and pretend it doesn't exist. (don't worry it doesn't stay closed for more than a day at a time)
What can I say, I love crafting. It makes me happy. And we all know a happy mom/wife = happy life :)
So if you are curious like me about how the rest of the craftin' world does it you can check them out at Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #3
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xo Lisa

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Color Me Challenge #2

Color Me Challenge #2 is happening over at Sassy Cheryl's. It's a new thing she's doing. We get to purchase the image at a discounted rate and then we can submit our coloring/card. If she likes your color choices your card is featured and she will use it as a model to do her own coloring. See at first I didn't want to play along with this one, cause let me tell you, some of these women, I wonder if all they do is color they are THAT good. But then I thought about it....it's really not the coloring talent as much as it is the color choices. Which I can do. Anyone can do really. So after some of said women twisted and yanked my arm I decided to post my card. Here it is: (please be gentle & kind) lol

I also tried my hand at paper piecing....I did the hat & scarf....I like it...it's just alot of work! ;) This card also works for Sassy Cheryl Challenge blog....this weeks challenge "Count down to Christmas"....two for the price of one ;)
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xo Lisa

Our life lately....

 Well our life has been full and busy lately! Thought I'd share some "going's on" with you....mostly to fill the void in my Sunday afternoon!
Steven & Eddy at the hockey game....do you think they are happy to be there?
Eddy & Harley at Harley's first game! Go Canucks Go!
 Then Fin came along and tried to swallow Harley! Too fun!
 We decided that our bedroom needed a makeover....and honestly new furniture is easier than new paint (yes we live in a yellow submarine!) Old bed:
 workin' it....ain't he sexy when he works....
New bedroom

 Throw in a birthday....Happy Birthday Brother Steve! Here he is with his beautiful wife Tammy....Steve's holding up the double scrapbooking layout I helped Tammy make...it was her very first go at scrapbooking...she did awesome!
 Group shot!
 My girls...oh my when did they get so big? I think I need to go get a gun licence!
 Oh the pictures you find on facebook.....so proud....
 so very very proud.....rock it girls...rock it!
 And then there is me....can't be outdone by my very own girls....Here I am at the computer....my second favourite spot. (see the yellow...the whole house I tell yah)
Well that's it for today....tomorrow I'm sure we will be back to our regularly schedule programming....scrapbooking ;)
Thanks for taking a moment to peak at my life
xo Lisa

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playin' with Cheryl

So today I decided to play along with Sassy Cheryl :) I just love her images and she has a new thing she's doing weekly.....Show Me is her fun new weekly show off what your working on or what your space looks like post. I just love this, I've participated in it before with other blogs and haven't for awhile so I thought what the heck. I took the picture the other night but haven't posted till today. Hopefully next week I'll be a little more "with" it but don't count on it ;)

You don't have to be working on anything from Cheryl's images in particular to participate, it's just fun! I do however happen to have a set of her Color Me Challenge  Cappuccino Anyone Snowman guys printed out, working on some Christmas gifts/tags :) The idea here is you get to purchase the image posted for a reduced rate and you color it and submit it for Cheryl's inspiration, if you want. I however do not find my coloring that spectacular but I'm not passing up a weekly deal on Cheryl's images :) Maybe one day I'll submit, for now I'll stick to you having a peak at my space ;) So pop on over if you wanna have a look at what others are up to or if you wanna have a looky at her fabby images. Till next time, I'm off to organize and craft....my two favourite things!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harrison Scrapbooking

Well here is some layouts I managed to get completed over the Harrison Retreat weekend. I used all Allison Davis sketches. If your interested in her sketch you can see for yourself HERE but be careful, you'll be hooked like me! ;)

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xo Lisa

Harrison Hot Springs Retreat!

Well us girls finally did it...we had a scrapbooking retreat weekend! It was so much fun. Too many laughs, too much food, too much fun! Can't wait for next Springs retreat.

Here's some pictures;

 Shannon, Leisa & Gloria....scrappin' into the weeeee hours of the night!
 A view of the kitchen and my table...well I shared with Janice & Robin too....although they seemed a bit "edgy" about how much space I was taking up ;)
 Janice, Me, Gloria & Leissa
 Janice, Robin, Gloria & Leissa
Kinda says it all no?

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Little crafty....

So I got a little crafty yesterday :) Not sure how I found the time but I did. Life seems to have taken over, work, kids, school...ahhh....I need a vacation ;) Just kiddin' I love my job! I'm loving being back in the "working world", yes it's been an adjustment, but I feel like I'm getting there. To that comfortable space between work time and me time. So I was able to craft a little, also hoping to craft a little tomorrow...on turkey day ;)

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xo Lisa

Monday, September 13, 2010


There is a challenge going on over at American Crafts Blog to do a layout about yourself using two of their products. I just love American Crafts patterned paper and have recently discovered their thickers! yum!

So here's my "Rockstar" double layout:

I used a sketch from my new Allison Davis Sketch book #6...which I also happen to loooooove! ;)

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xo Lisa

Friday, September 10, 2010

My mojo showed up!

Well I guess all one has to do is threaten one's mojo with a day job and it gets it's butt in gear ;)
Yes that's right, I got a job, finally! I start on Monday and I just know I'm going to love it. I'm not sure if I will love the lack of scrappy time :( But have no fear I will find some time in there somewhere!

Ok so this is what mr.mojo helped me create this week:

That's it for now
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xo Lisa

Saturday, September 4, 2010

some morning candy to go with my tea :)

Here's a yummy candy to check out gals!

so if you wanna enter....go on over to Kellie's blog thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gloria's September 1st challenge

Today I need two girl cards! Gloria's Sept.1st challenge fit the bill :)

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xo Lisa

Halloween Door Hanger

Hello :)

Today I'm posting the Halloween door hanger I made the other day using Paul's tutorial. Yes I made the door hanger so that I can have 3 more entries into his blog candy...but I'm glad I did it because it was a fun little project to make. I had to make a few adjustments because the doorknobs in this house are much bigger than the ones that Paul has obviously made his for. But it was very easy to adjust as Paul's instructions were super easy to follow!

I think I might actually make them for all the kids and put a new toothbrush in the holder for Halloween ;)
If you wanna check out Paul's candy and tutorial you can find him HERE
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xo Lisa

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help if you can!

Evening everyone!

I came across a post I just couldn't walk away from tonight on Alison's free digital stamps blog, a request for help if you can. Her father has had a stroke and her parents are having a hard time financially. So Alison has gathered together some amazing and super great artists and come up with a great digital stamp pack that we can purchase and the money goes to her parents. How super easy is that? I love all the images so of course I purchased them :) So now I'm posting here just in case you wanna have a look see for yourself. (Digital images are "usually" $3.00 plus each....so 5/$10.00 is a good deal)

NO pressure...Just help if you can!

Have a great night!
xo Lisa

Paul's Blog Candy


Just browsing about the internet this a.m. and came across Paul's blog candy! I love Paul's creations, I think it's the simplicity but also his creativity that draws me to his work....and it's a bonus that he loves loves loves Bugaboo images!
Anyhow, if you wanna have a chance to win some fun candy go check out his blog HERE

He has also included was to earn "bonus" entries, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out! ;)
Ends Sept.10th
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Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi everyone! Well I finally took some pictures of my scrapspace....can't call it a scraproom because I'm sharing it with Harley (it's actually his bedroom) He's loving having me in there right now though...someone to hang with and I don't mind listening to him explain how his video game is going!

As for the rest of the house....I think I'll wait and do before and after pictures as I paint each room. :)
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xo Lisa