Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show Me #3

Another chance to show off our spaces over at Sassy Cheryl's. All you need to do is take a picture of your crafty space, post it, snoop around a bit, leave some love, wait to see who wins a freebie image just for playing. Ain't life grand! :) Well it is in my world.

Ok so the low down on my space. My scrafty (scrapbooking/crafting) space is shared with my son Harley. Well it's technically his room but he's young, so I can invade. He actually likes it alot. He spends alot of time hanging out with me. Sometimes he creates a card or colors, other times it's all about the xbox. To which I hear "hey mom look at this trick". He's getting pretty good at the skateboarding tricks I tell yeah! So back to my room. After looking at last weeks picture and feeling a big "pinched" for space on my table I decided to rearrange a bit. It's a fault of mine....organizing and tidying. I've just recently gotten over straightening all the blankets on the couch's every night....give me time for the scrafty space.
So the pictures. First up my table....all cleared and more space to sprawl out when I'm creating. Judging by the pictures I think I may need to clean and stain my table soon, it never did get done. But then again it gives it character right?? ;)

 Next up the newly arranged drawer/embellishment area. I promise everything has a place and I can find most things in 2 minutes....most. ;)
 The cupboard I love. I love that it holds so many baskets of love and then I can close it up and pretend it doesn't exist. (don't worry it doesn't stay closed for more than a day at a time)
What can I say, I love crafting. It makes me happy. And we all know a happy mom/wife = happy life :)
So if you are curious like me about how the rest of the craftin' world does it you can check them out at Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #3
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa


Shirley said...

Liss, this is a great space, and I'm so glad your son is willing to share. Laughed over the door comment on the cabinet. I think the only time mine get closed is when I leave at the end of the day. Leave the desk as is, MUCH MORE character.

jkreucher said...

Lisa.. I love peeking into your crafty world.. what a fun space to play in... I agree with Shirley.. the table has lots of character, just craft away and enjoy..

Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

What a great son you have!
I do the same thing. Rearrange! It's fun isn't it!

Such a great crafting area you have. I too love the comment about the cupboard door! Too funny!
Thanks again for playing along! It's fun to snoop. Isn't it!

Paper Bagley said...

We have some storage look alikes. I got my wooden draws to long ago!!
I have moved them many a time and I think they are in their last place. Thanks for sharing, Tootsie

Marlene said...

Very neat. Are you and that Sassy Cheryl Dragon Lady related somehow?

Barbara said...

Lisa love your desk and then your room is so clean TFS because i think its fun looking in everyones space.

JOAN said...

Great space! I find it very sweet that you share the room with your son, I guess that is a lot of quality time together.

Lisa and Eddy said...

Thanks gals!! It's tonnes of time together....and I just love it when he's crafting!