Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2012

Wow, on a roll with the blog posting around here ;)
Christmas shopping is almost done.
Tree and all the decorations are going up tonight.
We've decided to not bake any goodies this hopes of saving ourselves from working even harder to lose weight (we already have enough to shed)
Eddy is driving again, 5 year hiatus is long enough.
I'm crafting more often.
Loving the December Daily kit that I purchased from Studio Calico.
For me it's more like a December going's ons....not daily.
Eddy and I have decided to sign up for Ali Edwards One Little Word class for 2013.
I'm over the moon excited that Eddy is going to get a little crafty, I know he has it in him.
We are cooking our first farm fresh chicken for dinner tonight.
We have decided this family is full of enough hormones without eating them too ;)
That's all the random information I have to share today.
Thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life as I know it.....

Life as I know it right now.....
In the last two years I've been promoted twice at work, which sometimes is thrilling and other times exhausting.
We have managed to stay put in one house for more than a year.....hold on while I find some wood to knock on......
The kids are growing up way too fast.
We have a international student live with us...Marie....she is from Germany, 16 and fits in to our family like she is "one of ours"
Eddy has a new promotion as well, I see him sometimes more and sometimes less.....good balance most of the time.
Summer passed her learners test and is learning to drive. She would like to more...I'm still warming up to the idea.
Harley is a video game addict and a Karate Provincial Gold Medalist for his age group. He kicks butt! ;)
Zoe has decided to try out life in Edmonton with her dad....I haven't dealt with this yet....I don't think.
I craft sometimes. Not as often as I would like but I do.
My recent newest interest is Project Life. I don't document daily but I document.
Going to see Oprah in January with 13 other women, should be something to remember.
I'd like to blog more.
I've thought Eddy and I should do a he said she said blog up to the wedding....
Oh right, there will be a wedding.
Sept 14.
Life as I know it right now, pretty ok :)