Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Home

Created another one yesterday.....just finished it up too late to blog about it:

Our Home...I love our home...inside and out!

On this one I tried out two new techniques (new to me) The stitching on the sides and the inking of the ghost letters. Dolly from my online group helped me out with those two things :) Oh and the folder that opens up...came from Gloria who's also from my online group...she made it for a swap...isn't it gorgeous! So easy to work with such a nice item :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harley's lost teeth!

Harley has been loosing teeth....not sure how it's at all possible since he is my baby...and didn't he just get those teeth?? :(

So I'm loving scrapping my "current" stuff these days. Just today I picked up the January 2009 to now pictures that I had developed. Once I'm caught up with these I'll get the back stuff caught up...which I'm proud to say is only 6 months of Alberta years and 1.5 years of back in B.C. years. Yes that's how I keep track of where we lived! lol

Harley is home I created a LO today:

I made a pull out section for the pictures of Harley's art :) And I made a hidden journal & photo spot!

Thanks for looking....back to the craft table I are only sick so many days a year...a mom's gotta take advantage of a "home" day ;)
Blog yah later!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Going's on...

Well there is plenty going on around here.
I've been working my tail off in the yard. Even have some pictures to prove it:
The back of the much freakin lawn to mow...I can't wait for the summertime when it's all dead! lol
This is the garden that took me four days to weed! I pulled up all the rocks around the edge and got rid of the weeds around them day I even got bark mulch in my eye and ended up with a scratch on my cornea....I looked like a pirate with my patch for a day! Kids loved it! lol
And today...the pool starts to go up! :) Bring on summertime!

Yesterday I dyed Summer's hair...she has hit the age when she wants to change things about herself. I personally don't think she needs to change a thing...but we all remember how it is to be I let her. I think it looks great. Of course I love her blonde hair...but like she is always telling me...change is good mom ;) Smart girl :)
Me...being the "hairdresser" lol
Finished product...isn't she cute :)

Harley lost a front tooth on the weekend when he was with his dad...he's getting so big :( All my babies are not babies hooo.....

And last but not least...I have had a few moments to create some journal spots for a swap with my online scrapbook group....this is one of the three designs I came up with, I was happy to be able to use my new nestabilities set...sure hope they like them all :)

Blog again soon...when there is a break in the yard work ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hi everyone! Just had a few things to share today.
I got this cutie pie little ladybug ring while I was up in Cumberland today waiting for my bike to be finished. She makes me smile. I like when things make me smile....I have a feeling she and I will be good friends this summer :)
Also got a bit crafty today....Gloria posted her mid April card challenge over on my scrappy site....I made the card for my girlfriend Kris's birthday this weekend...hopefully she's not reading this...and if she is...oh well ;)I've done good so far today....worked for a bit....picked up my bike....made a card...cleaned the I'm going to run....then dinner....then some kinda trouble I'm sure! lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Ok FINALLY I had a moment to download the Easter Scavenger Hunt pictures! Here's Tami explaining the rules to all the kids...I do believe there was 22 kids in total!!

Summer & Harley waiting for their first clue!Summer & Harley hunting around....Summer & Harley again...still hunting....
Zoe was the first to find her Easter Basket...she was so quick...I don't think she stopped running the whole time!
On the creative side of life....I've just finished making 10 Salad Recipe Cards for a swap with my scrapbooking group....

and Harley made this very cute Easter Bunny Jar :)
Hope you all had a Hoppy Easter!
So far this week.....
Found out Danielle & Rob are pregnant! So excited for them...and to be an Auntie again!
Khristi's Aunt passed sorry for you my girl!
Summer to the dr. for cough....doesn't need antibiotics
Summer to the eye dr. for headaches...doesn't need glasses
me...running...crafting....things like that....
It's so sunny here we had a BBQ today...first one of the that we've done it...I don't think we will go without it again! lol

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is the first holiday in 12 years I have woken up without any children at home. It's kinda weird...kinda sad...but kinda ok too. Easter is not a HUGE holiday to's more about the Easter Bunny than anything since I'm not it's kinda ok cause I know they are with their dad...who loves them just as much as I know they are having a great time...or will be....I'm sure they aren't up yet!

I pick them up at 9:00 to come back to Courtenay for a big scavenger hunt over at Tami & Todd's place....which is going to be sooooo fun...I'll post pictures later!

Then they are going back to their dad's to go see all their family in Coombs for Easter dinner! lucky ducks! ;)
Oh and I wanted to share Harley's last canvas painting from his art class. It's a bridge over water...with all the tree's behind and lilly pads in the water! I love his work! :)

Happy Easter everyone! Blog yah later!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunshine & Mojo!

Kinda go hand in hand no?? So the sun is out in full force today....there is a few clouds lingering around but they don't seem to matter. Maybe it's something in me that shifted? I found my mojo a bit...made a couple cards...took a couple pictures....feel a bit better!
Took these pictures for a photo challenge on my scrappy boards:
The challenge was to take a picture of something's mine:

I've also had some time to create some cards this morning.....who knew I would have time if I got out of bed...yes I've been a bed girl this past name it I was in bed cause of it....but today I'm up and out! ;)

This first one was a challenge that Gloria posted on my scrappy site....she does it twice a's a sketch and we following along :) I'm also submitting this one to Inkadoo....if you send in a card or something you created using their stamp you get a free stamp back in the mail. Can't go wrong there?? lol

and the second one I created for Inkadoo ;)

Well that's it for the creativeness to take kids to their dad's....then come home, run, shower, make something yummy for potluck tonight...then off to Dodgeball wrap up party ;)

Over and out (as my good friend Paola says)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great blogs

Sometimes you come across blogs and you think...nice but not worth mentioning...then you come across other ones and you think...NICE....well this is one of them....yes I have to mention her blog to be included in her awesome contest...but even if she wasn't having a contest...I love her stuff!!

So check her out...

I'll blog more about my week tomorrow ;)

Off to my bedroom with a good novel tonight while the kids watch Twilight AGAIN! LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little bit of this....little bit of that...

Morning All...

First need to visit my friend Vanessa's blog. I love how she creates...when I grow up I'll create like V! ;) She's such a sweety....I'm lucky to have her in my life!..she is currently doing a check her out:

Around my house...well both Summer & Zoe woke up in the night to barf. I'm SO GLAD they are old enough to know to go to the toilet to barf and not in their bed's anymore! :) Harley had the 12/24 hour flu over the weekend with his I guess it's my turn :( They are both staying home from school...which puts an end to Summer's perfect attendance....I tried to push her to go cause I'm competitive like that...but then quickly realized that's not such a good thing to do! lol

Me...well didn't get to run I am doing it today! The sun is out....and I'll look just fabtabulous hurling myself down the road...I'm sure of it! ;) (enter sarcastic grin) I'd sure like to find my creative's taken a will come back....I"m sure of that too ;)

Some other stuff is on the horizon...but can't share just yet....yes this is the line in my post that gets you to come back and check me out again ;)


Friday, April 3, 2009


Doesn't it just make you feel great to be out in the sun! I love it. Not that I mind the rain or snow or whatever else winter brings....but enough is enough and I love that the sun is out! Makes me want to put on a flirty skirt, go out and enjoy everything that sun brings! :)

The second half of the week has been better than the first! more sick kids....

I actually took them to Nanaimo again to see their cousin's one more time before they go home to San Diego. We sure miss them....only get to see them 2x a year :( But when we do the kids really enjoy each other! I said the sun is out. The kids go with their dad this me...well tonight probably a couple drinks with the girls....then some cleaning around the house weekend! Maybe a date or two ;) I wish! lol

I have decided to have a different approach to my photo albums. I am going to print off from January 2009 till now and get those caught up. I am tired of not scrapping current I'll do that and then catch up back photo's. I'm not really that far behind...only 2.5 years so it's "do-able" :)

I'll keep you posted as to the weekend adventures! lol


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well running today lasted all of 5 minutes....then my stupid shin muscle went into lock down...I hobbled home...and called Kris. She said more salt! Ok here I am eating pickles, olives, cheese and pickled of champions! lol

So on the weekend I went to beer fest in Port Alberni....for a girl that is not supposed to drink beer (gluten) I did pretty good....hurt the next morning and I had some cramps I haven't had in a long time...but I held my own :) Not that I will be running out drinking beer everyday!

The kids slept over at their Uncle Rob's sat. night....had a hoot with their cousin's....I picked them back up Sunday.

All and all a good weekend...

So far this week:
Zoe got a mysterious rash on her face...stayed home from school for two days
Harley has an ear infection....stayed home from school today
Summer is healthy
Me...well that is debatable.... ;)

Last Dodge ball game tonight....oh and the kids are going with their dad for dinner before Dodge ball I'll go out for dinner with Tamara...girls treat :)

Blog ya later ;)