Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is the first holiday in 12 years I have woken up without any children at home. It's kinda weird...kinda sad...but kinda ok too. Easter is not a HUGE holiday to's more about the Easter Bunny than anything since I'm not it's kinda ok cause I know they are with their dad...who loves them just as much as I know they are having a great time...or will be....I'm sure they aren't up yet!

I pick them up at 9:00 to come back to Courtenay for a big scavenger hunt over at Tami & Todd's place....which is going to be sooooo fun...I'll post pictures later!

Then they are going back to their dad's to go see all their family in Coombs for Easter dinner! lucky ducks! ;)
Oh and I wanted to share Harley's last canvas painting from his art class. It's a bridge over water...with all the tree's behind and lilly pads in the water! I love his work! :)

Happy Easter everyone! Blog yah later!

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nscropper said...

Happy Easter. :) It's not a huge thing here either ... Jaleesa is older but she still looks for some little gift and chocolate bunny. LOL
The scavenger hunt sounds like it's gonna be a blast. can't wait to see some pics.
I LOVE that piece of art work ... it is beautiful. :)