Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harley's lost teeth!

Harley has been loosing teeth....not sure how it's at all possible since he is my baby...and didn't he just get those teeth?? :(

So I'm loving scrapping my "current" stuff these days. Just today I picked up the January 2009 to now pictures that I had developed. Once I'm caught up with these I'll get the back stuff caught up...which I'm proud to say is only 6 months of Alberta years and 1.5 years of back in B.C. years. Yes that's how I keep track of where we lived! lol

Harley is home I created a LO today:

I made a pull out section for the pictures of Harley's art :) And I made a hidden journal & photo spot!

Thanks for looking....back to the craft table I are only sick so many days a year...a mom's gotta take advantage of a "home" day ;)
Blog yah later!


T in Etown said...

oh my gosh look at that cute little this the hidden picture..Lisa you rocking on these lately...way to go...great colours btw..

Summer Beaudry said...

love your layouts mom!! keep it up ;)

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

AWESOME job girl!!!

Lisa G. said...

Thanks girls :)

nscropper said...

love that layout ... love the paper line too.