Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little bit of this....little bit of that...

Morning All...

First off...you need to visit my friend Vanessa's blog. I love how she creates...when I grow up I'll create like V! ;) She's such a sweety....I'm lucky to have her in my life!..she is currently doing a RAK...so check her out:


Around my house...well both Summer & Zoe woke up in the night to barf. I'm SO GLAD they are old enough to know to go to the toilet to barf and not in their bed's anymore! :) Harley had the 12/24 hour flu over the weekend with his dad....so I guess it's my turn :( They are both staying home from school...which puts an end to Summer's perfect attendance....I tried to push her to go cause I'm competitive like that...but then quickly realized that's not such a good thing to do! lol

Me...well didn't get to run yesterday...so I am doing it today! The sun is out....and I'll look just fabtabulous hurling myself down the road...I'm sure of it! ;) (enter sarcastic grin) I'd sure like to find my creative mojo...it's taken a vacation....it will come back....I"m sure of that too ;)

Some other stuff is on the horizon...but can't share just yet....yes this is the line in my post that gets you to come back and check me out again ;)



nscropper said...

Oh my ... hope everyone feels better soon.
Soooo, something on the horizon ... interesting .. very interesting. :)
I'm sure your mojo will return. :)

Summer Beaudry said...

well i feel better that sucks about my record though:(