Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well running today lasted all of 5 minutes....then my stupid shin muscle went into lock down...I hobbled home...and called Kris. She said more salt! Ok here I am eating pickles, olives, cheese and pickled of champions! lol

So on the weekend I went to beer fest in Port Alberni....for a girl that is not supposed to drink beer (gluten) I did pretty good....hurt the next morning and I had some cramps I haven't had in a long time...but I held my own :) Not that I will be running out drinking beer everyday!

The kids slept over at their Uncle Rob's sat. night....had a hoot with their cousin's....I picked them back up Sunday.

All and all a good weekend...

So far this week:
Zoe got a mysterious rash on her face...stayed home from school for two days
Harley has an ear infection....stayed home from school today
Summer is healthy
Me...well that is debatable.... ;)

Last Dodge ball game tonight....oh and the kids are going with their dad for dinner before Dodge ball I'll go out for dinner with Tamara...girls treat :)

Blog ya later ;)


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

have fun at dinner!!!

nscropper said...

Ouch ... take care of that.
Hope everyone gets better quickly.
Glad you had a fun weekend .. you deserve it.:)
Enjoy your dinner. nothing better than a meal out with a friend.