Monday, April 27, 2009

Going's on...

Well there is plenty going on around here.
I've been working my tail off in the yard. Even have some pictures to prove it:
The back of the much freakin lawn to mow...I can't wait for the summertime when it's all dead! lol
This is the garden that took me four days to weed! I pulled up all the rocks around the edge and got rid of the weeds around them day I even got bark mulch in my eye and ended up with a scratch on my cornea....I looked like a pirate with my patch for a day! Kids loved it! lol
And today...the pool starts to go up! :) Bring on summertime!

Yesterday I dyed Summer's hair...she has hit the age when she wants to change things about herself. I personally don't think she needs to change a thing...but we all remember how it is to be I let her. I think it looks great. Of course I love her blonde hair...but like she is always telling me...change is good mom ;) Smart girl :)
Me...being the "hairdresser" lol
Finished product...isn't she cute :)

Harley lost a front tooth on the weekend when he was with his dad...he's getting so big :( All my babies are not babies hooo.....

And last but not least...I have had a few moments to create some journal spots for a swap with my online scrapbook group....this is one of the three designs I came up with, I was happy to be able to use my new nestabilities set...sure hope they like them all :)

Blog again soon...when there is a break in the yard work ;)


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

awesome journal cards & dye job! pirates!
how much did you get from the fairy H?...hope it was big!

nscropper said...

You've been busy ... the yard looks great. Love the new hair colors too. :)
What a cutie ..with his missing tooth ... too cute. :)