Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just wanted to post a quick note and say "I got 100% on my exam!!"

You read it right!! And I was the only one in the class to do it! I am very proud of myself cause I worked for it. I have been participating in Rhonda's challenge, walking everyday is my thing, which in turn has helped clear my mind and make me STRONG!! If you haven't alreadyyou should check it out...we can all start a 21 day challenge anytime we want! Everyday is a 1st day!

Cheers...and wish me luck with day2 :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

week so far

Well my week has seemed very crazy so far. Monday I did some studying, then went on a great lunch date. But I had a scare with the kids after school. Zoe & Harley didn't come to the bus stop, the whole bus didn't show? I freaked out. Called the school. They called the bus company and the bus told them they never got on the bus. Then the principal said they weren't at the school. To my reply "then where the hell are my children?" (sorry but appropriate) They called the bus company again and apparently the bus was broken down at another school and the driver just decided the first time to not call out there names!!! So they were there. I drove straight to the bus and when I saw those two faces walking towards me I have never felt so relieved!!! Thank you lord!

So the rest of the week seemed ok compared! lol. I've been walking everyday. The kids are spending this weekend with my parents, I am taking a mini vacation! I'm bringing my runner's though so I can still get in a challenging walk!!

I have a first aid course today & not sure when I will catch up with photo's. I have everything printed off just not "made" :( But I'm sticking to my "thing" which was I'm still proud of me....and I will get the journal done!!

On Rhonda's blog she gives inspiring quotes. One of my favourites given to me by Tammy from my online group:

"Don't make someone a priority when they consider you an option!" love it!

Have a great few days!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sat. & Sun.

Weekends...I like them but don't like them. See I'm a REAL routine girl. So the weekends kinda throw me a bit. But I'm getting used to them again. Let's face it the summertime is like one big weekend! lol. So I walked yesterday morning, thank goodness! Cause the rest of my day went right down the pooper! I just felt miserable emotionally. I think cause I had kept myself up so high for so many days I crashed. But I did have a physical reason to crash (girls ;) ) so I just let it be that and knew that it wasn't anything else that was going on in my life. At the advice of my bff I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling much better.
Having my tea....then off for my walk....then to my scrap room to create my 21 day page and a card for Gloria's challenge.
I'll post pictures later :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


ok ok walk is done....I actually growled walking up that dumb hill today! lol...and then my foot started to I laughed cause the universe was like "you want dumb lady? I'll give you dumb" then I got over it...and started to feel strong again!

I need to find a popcan. I want to try the technique that Kristen showed us awhile ago on my scrappy group. to play ;)

don't wanna

I don't wanna hips knee hurts....I wanna stay home and play all day with my scrappy stuff....and it's raining again. Dumb rain....dumb challenge...dumb walking. :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 10 today....not yesterday! lol

Well today is day 10. I think today was the easiest day hands down! I think it's because I'm starting to also feel the strength inside me not just outside me. I think it also lifted my day to look on Rhonda's blog and see that I won the gratitude journal!! So great for my next 21 day challenge :) So I walked the kids to the bus and kept on going. I got home from Boulder Hill by 9:18. Which meant I have tonnes and tonnes of time for me!
My friend Trish has been sorting and cleaning out her scrap room....and boy is it amazing. Generally I think I'm a pretty organized clean person....but some "area's" of my scrap room bug me. One of them being my ribbon. It was in two boxes, tucked up on a shelf....hardly ever used. So today I got "Trish inspired" and got at it. I'm sure you have all seen the different ways people store their ribbon online. I picked the way that I think will enable me to "see" my ribbon so I can start to use it!! Lord knows I like to hoard but come on! ;)
It started out as this:
and has become this:

I like it. I am hoping I will use it more!
Day 10 over on Rhonda's blog is amazing. The quote reads "Live out of your imagination not your history"!! So me. So what I need right now. Is this girl a mind reader?? Thanks girl!
I'll post today's page with tomorrow' know to save on blog space ;)
love yah!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 9 (not day 10)

Day 9. I must admit when I woke up I thought....this stupid challenge to change myself is dumb! lol...I just felt like " I really have to climb that hill again?" But then I came online to my usual spots and saw Rhonda's word for today "enthusiasm"...which made me roll my eyes frankly....then I thought "how the heck am I going to get enthusiastic about climbing that dumb hill when I don't want to?" AND to top it off it was raining. "Dear Lord help me now" I thought. So I dropped Summer off at school, dropped Harley & Zoe off at the bus stop, went home and changed, lugged out my rain/running shell, grabbed the poor dogs (they are little hair balls) and off I went before 8:30. I figured the sooner the torture was over the better. As I'm walking to the hill the little bits of gravel are flicking up into my socks, I'm getting wet, my hands were cold, the dogs were wet & dirty, I was just plain miserable. It actually took me until I was up the last hill on the way back that I realized I needed to release this misery I was sitting in. I was there doing this for me, to make myself stronger and I was miserable!! So I got to the top of that Boulder Hill and I mustered up every bit of enthusiasm that I had and started YELLING!! lol....I yelled out every frustration I had...everything I wanted to yell at my ex to his face and can't, I yelled!!! Thank the lord it's out in the middle of a highway! lol And you will never guess what stopped raining. By the time I was home I was happy and the sun was shining! Gave the dogs a quick rinse off...and got on with my day! Thanks Rhonda...I needed your word today! Even if you have to fake it at usually leads to the real thing ;)

Boulder Hill going out and up.

Boulder Hill going up/back home (this is a highway overpass that I walk over and back each day) it is a very steep hill!! Trust don't want to walk it! ;) For my day 9 mini album I wanted to strengthen something that I find weak about my art. My doodling skills. I wasn't in "love" with my outcome...but it's practice.

I wanted to take a picture of myself today to prove I'm getting can see it in my eyes and in my smile :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 & 8....staying the course!

Staying my course I am. I can feel the strength in my body....just can't see it yet. Which is a challenge when your trying to stick to anything...when there is no visible results yet it makes it tough. But like I said I can feel it so I keep at it. Also when I'm out there walking I can feel the changes happening in my mind. It is really making me stronger inside & out! Which I love! I do love my body! I just want it to be stronger...for me...for my kids!
Day 7
Day 8

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day's 3-6

Sorry it took me so long to post days 3-6. Here they are.
Day 3 I used a page out of my journal, I love the color's and I liked how it was a pocket that enabled me to add in extra pictures of Boulder Hill aka: my daily torture!

Day 4:

Day 5: I used a vinyl pouch to add in some of the stuff I got at the Victoria Police recruitment seminar.Day 6: Action! I realized today that action doesn't always have to be big life altering action...even little bits of action go along way!! :)
Till tomorrow xo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blog Candy!

Vanessa is having another blog candy!! Check it out! While your there check out here AMAZING cards!!!

Hope your inspired!! and hope I win! ;)

Found another awesome blog candy!! Laurel has reached a big milestone in her life and wants to celebrate with candy!! :) Have a look....but like V's candy...I hope I win! ;)

And yet another!

and YET another!! tis the season for candy! ;)

sorry I have yet to figure out how to post the little picture link like the rest of you out there in blog land ;)
Good luck everyone!


ENERGY - That is today's word for the 21 day challenge. It's a good day for me to focus on Energy!! I need it! I have it! This is day 5 of my changes! I will hike Boulder Hill later on today because this morning I have to get the kids to Crown Isle to meet my mom. She is going to take them to their soccer games while I go to the Victoria Police recruitment information session!! So excited for that. See need Energy to pull all this off in my life! So that is what I'm going to focus on....the things I have journalled about! I have completed pages 3 & 4. Will do 5 later today as well (I'm hoping to get some bib's & bob's at the session that I can include), then I will take pictures and post!

If you missed the 21 day challenge check it out!

I'm sure I've said it before...maybe I haven't blogged it....anways...the 21 day "thing" is about changing something. "They" say that it takes 21 days to change the information highway in your brain. Every habit you have, every similar reaction is because your brain is literally little "highways" that the information travels on....well the information travels the same route every single time...hence a "habit". So in order to change the "path" that the information wants to instinctively travel we need to make a conscious effort every time to change the path. After 21 days of making that conscious effort apparently the highway will have altered and a new habit will be born! Neat hey! I've done it before and felt it worked. So I'm doing it again. Changing some major things about me that I realized were me! That's the gist of it!


Friday, September 11, 2009

21 days challenge results so far

Here is my day 1 & 2. I started this on day 3 so I had a bit of catching up to do. I am going to get day 3 & 4 done today so I'm caught up. The whole process really is a change for me. To make time every single day for 21 days to create a little something will be a challenge for sure...but a fun one! I am including in the journal the process I'm going thru right now as well. I have decided enough is enough with not honouring myself!! So join me for the journey ;)

Day 1 - Cover
Day 1 inside with journalling:

Day 2:

Day 2: flip side
I won't always do two pages per day, but so far that is how it has turned out :)

I'm going to try and figure out today how to post the 21 day challenge link in my sidebar....cause one of my things I'd like to learn more of is how to make my blog a tad bit better....for me! :)


Thursday, September 10, 2009


I used to have plenty of time for blogland, had one of "those" jobs that I basically sat there trying to find ways to entertain myself. At first it was good...but then it got really really really boring. Also some other stuff happened that caused me to leave. So now I'm back at home, searching for a job, and searching thru blogland again.

I've heard before, and told many a friends, about the idea that it takes 21 days to break a habit. I have never actually thought about it as 21 days to create something...neat concept though. Anyhow...I've recently gotten really tired of the way I was doing certain things in my life and have decided enough is enough. So I decided to make some life changes. I hadn't even really thought about the 21 day rule for awhile...then today while I was in blogland I came across a blog that had a 21 days challenge that incorporates art. Which I love. So I'm going to give it a go and wanted to share with anyone who might be reading my blog ;)

I'm thinking it will set my changes in stone! lol...well on paper at least...but it should be a fun journal that I look back on and say "good for you girl" ;)

Here is Rhonna's website with the challenge. I'm not the best at links hopefully it works...and yes, that is one of the things I'd like to change...gonna work on figuring out this computer links & printing thing! ;)

hope you enjoy...and maybe join? ;)

blog yah later!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Managed to play!

Well I managed to sneak in some adult playtime! It was actually fairly easy because we had a real "do nothing" week before school started...just to let everyone calm down! lol

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


They say changes are good. I have yet to figure out who "they" is...cause when I meet them I might just sock them one right in the nose! many of you know...I have had some more changes. When your looking forward at the changes it seems hard and daunting...but looking back at the changes it's not so bad. So maybe I wouldn't sock "them"...maybe I'd say..."can I have a break for awhile" :)
So the main change was households. You got it! We moved AGAIN. Because of reason's I won't get into (or I'd never stop) we moved out of our house and into a beautiful rental. We are happy. It is a home for just me and the kids...well and the two dogs...and the hampster! ;) Here's some pictures:
My favourite part (so far) my scraproom (located in the mastercloset)
The living room
the kitchen area

So between trips to the lake, unpacking and organizing I haven't had too much time for creating. But I plan to change that today. See changes...good changes :)