Wednesday, September 23, 2009

week so far

Well my week has seemed very crazy so far. Monday I did some studying, then went on a great lunch date. But I had a scare with the kids after school. Zoe & Harley didn't come to the bus stop, the whole bus didn't show? I freaked out. Called the school. They called the bus company and the bus told them they never got on the bus. Then the principal said they weren't at the school. To my reply "then where the hell are my children?" (sorry but appropriate) They called the bus company again and apparently the bus was broken down at another school and the driver just decided the first time to not call out there names!!! So they were there. I drove straight to the bus and when I saw those two faces walking towards me I have never felt so relieved!!! Thank you lord!

So the rest of the week seemed ok compared! lol. I've been walking everyday. The kids are spending this weekend with my parents, I am taking a mini vacation! I'm bringing my runner's though so I can still get in a challenging walk!!

I have a first aid course today & not sure when I will catch up with photo's. I have everything printed off just not "made" :( But I'm sticking to my "thing" which was I'm still proud of me....and I will get the journal done!!

On Rhonda's blog she gives inspiring quotes. One of my favourites given to me by Tammy from my online group:

"Don't make someone a priority when they consider you an option!" love it!

Have a great few days!


Roberta said... this quote as well...we just have to remember not to make ourselves "options" in our own lives as well. Congrats on your 100 score as well. Take care, Roberta
fellow 21er

nscropper said...

wow ... i would've been freaking too ... scary.
love the quote too.