Tuesday, September 1, 2009


They say changes are good. I have yet to figure out who "they" is...cause when I meet them I might just sock them one right in the nose! lol....as many of you know...I have had some more changes. When your looking forward at the changes it seems hard and daunting...but looking back at the changes it's not so bad. So maybe I wouldn't sock "them"...maybe I'd say..."can I have a break for awhile" :)
So the main change was households. You got it! We moved AGAIN. Because of reason's I won't get into (or I'd never stop) we moved out of our house and into a beautiful rental. We are happy. It is a home for just me and the kids...well and the two dogs...and the hampster! ;) Here's some pictures:
My favourite part (so far) my scraproom (located in the mastercloset)
The living room
the kitchen area

So between trips to the lake, unpacking and organizing I haven't had too much time for creating. But I plan to change that today. See changes...good changes :)


nscropper said...

A beautiful place. :) I LOVE your scrap closet .. I want one.
I hear ya about the "change" thing ...sometimes I wonder about it myself ... sigh.


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

looks awesome!
hope you are well & happy
hugs my girl