Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 9 (not day 10)

Day 9. I must admit when I woke up I thought....this stupid challenge to change myself is dumb! lol...I just felt like " I really have to climb that hill again?" But then I came online to my usual spots and saw Rhonda's word for today "enthusiasm"...which made me roll my eyes frankly....then I thought "how the heck am I going to get enthusiastic about climbing that dumb hill when I don't want to?" AND to top it off it was raining. "Dear Lord help me now" I thought. So I dropped Summer off at school, dropped Harley & Zoe off at the bus stop, went home and changed, lugged out my rain/running shell, grabbed the poor dogs (they are little hair balls) and off I went before 8:30. I figured the sooner the torture was over the better. As I'm walking to the hill the little bits of gravel are flicking up into my socks, I'm getting wet, my hands were cold, the dogs were wet & dirty, I was just plain miserable. It actually took me until I was up the last hill on the way back that I realized I needed to release this misery I was sitting in. I was there doing this for me, to make myself stronger and I was miserable!! So I got to the top of that Boulder Hill and I mustered up every bit of enthusiasm that I had and started YELLING!! lol....I yelled out every frustration I had...everything I wanted to yell at my ex to his face and can't, I yelled!!! Thank the lord it's out in the middle of a highway! lol And you will never guess what stopped raining. By the time I was home I was happy and the sun was shining! Gave the dogs a quick rinse off...and got on with my day! Thanks Rhonda...I needed your word today! Even if you have to fake it at usually leads to the real thing ;)

Boulder Hill going out and up.

Boulder Hill going up/back home (this is a highway overpass that I walk over and back each day) it is a very steep hill!! Trust don't want to walk it! ;) For my day 9 mini album I wanted to strengthen something that I find weak about my art. My doodling skills. I wasn't in "love" with my outcome...but it's practice.

I wanted to take a picture of myself today to prove I'm getting can see it in my eyes and in my smile :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I can sure see your beauty, your strength, you :)
I LOVE THE DOODLIN :) it is awesome

Lisa G. said...

Thanks V :)

Roberta said...

Girl you are way too hard on yourself...the doodling is awesome...very inspiring...might have to try this myself. Roberta