Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi everyone! Well I finally took some pictures of my scrapspace....can't call it a scraproom because I'm sharing it with Harley (it's actually his bedroom) He's loving having me in there right now though...someone to hang with and I don't mind listening to him explain how his video game is going!

As for the rest of the house....I think I'll wait and do before and after pictures as I paint each room. :)
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa


Kirsti said...

Looks fab - even if you do have to share it!!!...x

Marlene said...

A space is a space! Looks nice and organized!

Lizzie said...

Love your craft space - so tidy too! I'm a teeny bit jealous of the great paper storage you have... but I am lucky to have a whole room to myself now (since we built a new bedroom last summer) and I'm busy organising the new shelves. Your space is beautifully organised - very inspiring to scruffy, messy folk like me!

Lisa and Eddy said...

Thanks gals!
Lizzie...the paper storage is just those wire cubes you can buy. They are meant to be three cubes but that is actually two packs (so six cubes) with the cubes actually used as shelves, held together with mini white zap straps :)