Wednesday, August 18, 2010

living together....

True stories:

2 days ago the conversation goes like this:

Eddy...getting dressed hits his belt on the metal bedframe

Lisa....still trying to sleep says "can you make more noise, I'm trying to sleep"
Eddy...sarcasticly as he can says "and the police cars didn't wake you up?"
Lisa....trying to be a city girl says "of course shhhhh"
Eddy....says "piss off jerk"
Gosh I love him

Last night: the bathroom brushing my teeth
Eddy....comes to the door and decides it's a good time to hold my butt while I brush my teeth
Lisa...accidently farts
Eddy....(with the most disgusted looked I've seen to date) "REALLLLLLY?"
Lisa...."I didn't mean to"....(while peein' in my pants)
Lisa....(in my head)'s really just payback for the fart last week that Eddy released straight into the fan while I was just about to laydown on the said fart went directly, and I mean no passing go here, to my brain cavity....see payback.
Eddy....(to me this a.m. as we are laughing about it) "I'm logging that into my payback book"
Lisa....ultimate about it :) ahhh the upper hand!

I love my life
I love Eddy


Scrapthat said...

Oh sure you laugh about it to me in ten years girl! :) LOL

Kirsti said...

ROFPMSL.....That is SOOOOO funny...and just the sort of thing my other half does on a frequent basis and if I didn't love him so damn much I guess I would have kicked his butt out long ago!!!...that's made my day..thank you...hope you guys are settling in to your new abode and neighbourhood...see ya!!! (((Hugs))) Kirsti x

Marlene said...

Ahhh!!! FART HUMOR!!! The best kind!!!

Lizzie said...

Large Larrrfs here!! So funny!

Cinderita said...

I can't believe you blogged about it! awesome!