Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life returns to normal??

Do I even remember what normal is. For the last few days since the fair has ended my head feels like it's spinnin'. Not in the drunken sense (I wish) but in the what now sense...like something's missing. When this happens to me I organize and tidy. Those who know me know this already. So I have been checking tasks off my list....sometimes checking it twice (yes Santa pun intended) I've built the wire rack cube thingy (very technical name there) for my paper's...just need to finish sorting them. I've almost caught up on the card challenge list I had started...only one more to go and I'm there.

The kids are still here ;) I thought maybe along the road they might have dropped off but no such luck! (I'm kiddin' Summer) Kevin's working like a maniac so we can go to Mexico in January....gosh I love that guy!

Here's a couple of the cards I've been working on lately:

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nscropper said...

You have been busy .. enjoy some time for you. Mexico sounds fun.
Love your cards. :)