Saturday, January 9, 2010


Doesn't it seem like life just takes over and you look back at all the time past by and you think "crazy"?....well maybe you don't but I do.

Christmas is done, New Years is done, it's been a couple of weeks that my friend has been without her bestfriend, My bestfriend had a beautiful baby boy.....crazy!!

I'm currently on a "relax" two weeks. My life got very carried away....too busy for this gal. I like to have my down time and when I don't....look out!

So I have been relaxing....yes with candles too!....and cleaning....yes that is relaxing to me ;)....and I will find some time this week to organize my pictures and get some scrapping done! I will I will I will!! (hopefully)

In my relaxing time I've been able to catch up on my friends blog...V is having a wonderful "one year" candy...check her blog out if you haven't before and drop her a note!!

hope your life isn't toooo crazy to enjoy the little things! ;)

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