Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me & my girls!

I just love this picture of me and my girls! They are getting so big SOOOO fast!! I want them to be 2 & 4 again...I want to do it all over again....not to do it "better" but to just enjoy it again! :)

Life is good these days. Enjoying the ride with's a good ride :) Enjoying working out my life....I have plenty of things on my plate. One of the things I'm focused on now is going back to school. I'm planning on attending North Island College in September for Home Care Attendant. Should be a fun, exciting new adventure!

Nothing new on the scrappy front. Our computer crashed (on mom's laptop) so I haven't been able to "organize, print, burn to cd" my pictures yet...but that is on the to do list for sure. I need to find my mojo and get my "Alberta years" finished up....soon I will...I promise myself!

Just wanted to share a quick update!

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