Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man gossip!

I just figured it out....what and when men gossip!

Ok Ok here's the lead up to it. So Harley (son) and I have come up to Eddy's house for the night...a mom & son sleepover. Eddy's roommate is Al (Big Al, get the idea) also in the house is Al's the boys are in heaven...all  of them. Eddy made the boys some "manly" burgers...I'm not sure a woman could open her mouth that wide that's how big those suckers were! yikes! Al went out with some friends to watch the UFC fights so Eddy & I were on "kid patrol". Easy peasy really when you have two boys that don't get much "boy time". I sat in front of the t.v. making more paper roses while Eddy watched UFC. Yes I watched a little bit. So to the gossip part now that you have the scene in your head (sorry if it's not clear, I'm not a screenwriter). Al gets home and him and Eddy go into "play by play" mode (yes that's my best discription of it) I'm sitting here listening to them thinking "this is it...this is man gossip". I don't think men gossip about other men...I think they gossip about sports and what's on t.v.
Gossip is a "who did what, who said what" right? So that is what men gossip about. They get animated about it.....just like women get animated when they gossip. I'm not saying gossip has to be negative...cause frankly I really don't think it all has to be...yes sometimes it is....anyways...I just wanted to say to all you out there that that's what I think. Men gossip about t.v. they just don't have the time or energy to gossip about anything else!
Maybe you all have figured this out already and I'm just getting on the boat....but I can say I walked the ramp all on my own! ;) Anyhow...that's my don't sue me ;) lol
Hope your having as much fun/entertainment in your life as I am!
Cheers Lisa xo
You want a giggle...sit with two men watching sports really is pretty amusing! ;) xo Lisa

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mow180 said...

So true, Lisa, reminds me of a long story about a lady whose car broke down and her hubby wouldn't come pick her up till the game was over. She was so hurt, thinking he didn't love her anymore, she wrote to an advice column in the paper written by a man.
He said he couldn't diagnose her problem but it was probably the alternator.
I thought it was very funny.