Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DARE grad

Well it was Zoe's turn to participate in the DARE program at school. They offer it to the grade 6 kids....get them while they are young...turn them against a life of crime and drugs!!! YAY!

I was excited to use the tissue flowers that I handmade.
The DARE is chipboard letters with gold embossing.
The black they are on is also chipboard.
The black bling I actually used a template and marked the swirls then added the bling one bling at a time ;)

The funniest part about this LO is the photo itself....not sure if you picked up on it yet or not but Zoe is holding the certificate upside down! LOL Her and I had a great laugh in my craftroom when we were looking at the LO I was creating with it! The reason being I believe is because she was the second kid called up so I didn't get a shot of her with the RCMP after it was all said and done I asked if he could pose with her for a picture (as I'm a scrapbooker and NEED a photo) so he agreed...I basically pushed Zoe over to him and she scrambled to grab her certificate...without even looking at it (either of us) she held it up...I snapped the picture and off we went on our merry way....not until yesterday (after photo development and everything!) did we notice the funny certificate! Makes life priceless doesn't it!

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Scrapthat said...

Great work! Your flowers look Fab!

mow180 said...

Oh that is too cute. You will always have this to remember and it will bring a smile to your face every time. Much better than right side up!

Lisa G. said...

Thanks gals!