Friday, March 26, 2010

I finally got him here! bwwwaaaaahaha....

As you can see by the previous post Eddy has joined my blog! NOT because he is crafty...although he keeps talking about drawing some images for me, but because I think he's one of the funniest people I've met....and frankly he's to great to not share! (insert noise of Eddy's head exploding from over filling here)
A "he said...she said" kind of idea has actually been bouncing about in my head for a few years...since my girlfriend Danielle and her then boyfriend Rob decided to get married....I thought "what better way to enjoy the journey to the alter than to blog about it". NO Eddy and I are not getting married (yet...poor bugger doesn't even know what he's in for) But we are in this relationship together....going somewhere...I don't think either of us is worried "where" exactly...we're just enjoying the ride for today!
Where was I going with this?? Oh anyhow I think it will be fun and amusing (for me at the very least) for us to share our thoughts, craftiness, playfulness, humour and possibly the occasional debate! (first one I can think of off hand...the "play off beard"...I'm told it's coming! NOT) So stay tuned! I'm sure it's about to get a whole lot crazier around here!

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Lisa and Eddy said...

First of all, who wouldn't want to "support the team" as David Puddy would put it on Seinfeld with a playoff beard? And yes, our relationship is for today with very big eyes for the future. Why wouldn't I want that? Not only do I get a wonderful girl to love me, but I get 3 kids who love me as well. This is an issue with Lisa, but she'll never tell me or you that. I have said to her that I would start drawing for her and it's only a matter of time before some of my work show's up on here but that's for later......gotta keep you coming back!! Until next time....Eddy.