Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog candy winner!

Today is the day to pick a winner for our mini candy! I don't know how to do the random generator thingy....and I don't have my computer to print off the comments section and cut them I had to write them all out...cut them all out....and fold them all up....put them into a big metal bowl and found a child! Not easy when they are all getting ready for school.

I managed to find the 13 year old. She was in her room...getting "ready" I say can you pick one please (holding large bowl with white folded pieces of paper in it out) she actually got gitty....gosh she's cute! ;)

She picked "scrapthat". Yay! Please email me your addy and I'll get the prize off to you! Thanks everyone for playing and for "promoting" our little blog on your blogs! We appreciate the audience....everyone likes an

So hopefully a handful of you stick around....we will be having more candy! lol I am actually currently stockpiling for the 200 post candy. We are currently sitting at close....yet so far away! lol

I haven't posted any projects lately because my computer is actually "down" mom is my computer techy and figures it might be the internet card and the she is working on those for the meantime I have her laptop....but I don't have my digi images to print....or all my blogs I usually visit...I know I know...I'll get over it...when my computer is back! lol

Haven't heard from Eddy on here for awhile either....wonder what he's brewing up.......

Till next time. Thanks for playing along!
xo Lisa


Scrapthat said...

LOL YAY!! Seriously?!!
Do you want me to email my addy to you??

Lisa and Eddy said...

Hey Doll!! Nope I got your addy! Thanks for playing along! xo Lisa