Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I love about me!

You know what I think....cause I know your wondering ;)....I think we don't enjoy, celebrate, love ourselves enough! So I decided to share some things I love about me...(prepare yourself for some quirkiness)

1) I put the headphones on when I'm on the computer and dance in my chair...yes I can type and dance!
2) I make my bed everyday...but I couldn't care less if my kids beds aren't made...but their rooms have to be tidy...always!
3) I actually pout...stick my lip out and pout...all by myself usually.
4) #3 happens a lot when Eddy is not here...I actually get mad at his side of the bed and turn my back on it!
5) I go to bed every night that Eddy is not here with my slippers on...when he's here he's my foot warmer!
6) I like red wine
7) I am competitive
8) I like bright colors but not typically pastels
9) I can't spell worth a darn.....(and just recently found spell check on here) yes I'm blonde ;)
10) I love sending cards in the mail to my friends
11) I'm teaching my kids about the "real" world....I tell them no one will rescue them....from our life! lol kiddin' ....
12) I swear....typically a lot! and I let the kids swear a home...we have "at home words"
13) I don't care if someones socks match or not
14) I found my soul mate at 35
15) I'd love to
16) I'm sure I'll do this again sometime soon ;)

oh and The B-52's are a great band to dance in your chair to! xo Lisa


Scrapthat said...

LOL I always figured you for a chair Dancer!

Susie Sugar said...

I never figured you as a typical blond darling , I have auburn hair but Garry reckons I should have been blond !! lol cheeky bugger isn't he

mow180 said...

I won't comment on Eddie's blog entry cause I don't want him to get more comments than you (but I really think it's cute)
I haven't been here for a couple of days and you have done a lot. I love, love, love the Easter baggies you made. You are very professional tee hee. See ya Monday!!!!