Saturday, April 3, 2010

....and things about me!!

Well, since Lisa has thrown herself out there I figured I should as well.  It's only fair right?  So here goes.....a little something for you guys to know about me:
1.  I have a shoe problem.....seriously.
2.  I am a neat freak, but not too freaky.
3.  My shoes have to match my shirt, always.  I'm not kidding.
4.  I can play baseball with both hands.  Hitting and catching.
5.  I'm a great cook.  Just ask the kids.
6.  I love golf and I'm happy I get to share this with Lisa.
7.  I just became computer savvy less than a year ago.
8.  My socks match ALL the time, but it doesn't bother me that Lisa's and the kids don't. 
9.  I work very hard and have a great career.
10. I leave my towel on the floor at Lisa's just to see what kind of reaction I can get ;)
11.  I don't make my bed at home, but I do at Lisa's.  Go figure.
12.  I like grocery shopping.
13.  I hate iphones, I'm a Blackberry guy.  Big fingers ;)
14.  I kept everything that Lisa has given me....awwwhhhh!!!
15.  I love leftovers, especially if I didn't cook it.
16.  I enjoy blogging with Lisa.
17.  I seperate my laundry....always.
18.  I love my life!!!

There you go......somethings about me.  Now you can probably see why Lisa and I get along so well........until next time, Eddy.


Lisa and Eddy said...

18...just gotta out do me don't yah! pfffft...

Scrapthat said...

And what kind of reaction does the towel on the floor get ya'?

Susie Sugar said...

Sounds to me like you two are a match made in heaven !!! Awwwwww
Hugs Susie xx

Lisa and Eddy said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....what can I say? All kidding aside, these are only a few things that make us work. Obviously we have a lot more than just these things but we like to have fun and test each other...often!! The towel on the floor usually just gets a sly look with a "really" ;). Have a great weekend ladies! Lisa and I will. Until next time, Eddy.

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

well .. no wonder Lisa loves you ...