Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gloria's sketch challenge April 1st

Well I'm a little behind...but I like the saying "better late than never" (not when it comes to Eddy though...he is on the "disliking" side of lateness ;) ) So Gloria is kind enough to offer up a challenge for us gals at Canadian Scrap Swap & Chat two times per month....she is also kind in that she gives us all month to get both done! Yay! So here is my entry for the first half of April! Can you believe I just said that...can you believe we are almost done another month...I dislike that I'm finding out that time does go faster as you get older! :(

Here's the sketch for those of you not members:

and here's mine:

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa


Mrs. Sebestyen said...

Great Card Lisa!

It looks like you ued a studio g stamp with at well!

That is what I like to see!

Scrapthat said...

FABULOUS JOB!! I love this card!! GREAT work Lisa!!

Lisa and Eddy said...

Thanks gals! I did Rachel...the Love You is studio G. I must admit I'm loving their new bigger stamps! :)

Janice said...

Love it, love all the inking, and that tag is perfect.

Great card.

Spyder said...

Blog hopping!This is a lovely card