Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Playoffs are on!!....and the beard too!!

Hi everyone........well my team is starting the playoffs tonight.  I guess by now most of you have heard about the "playoff beards" that most men grow when the spring rolls around and our favorite team has a chance to hoist the cup.  I started mine on Tuesday and I know this gets Lisa  Anyways, WE are excited to get this journey to the cup started and see what happens in a couple of months.  I can't explain the purpose of the beard but I've done it as hockey player when I was younger and have done it ever since.....when the Canucks made the playoffs of course.  So, I will get Lisa to take some pictures every weekend to see the progress of the beard and hopefully you can see it grow over the next couple of months!!  Lisa calls this the bait and switch tactic.....but like most women, doesn't understand the magnitude of the beard.  She will soon find out that I'm not the only one when she sees some of the grizzled veterans on T.V..  I have put a offer out there for her to grow some sort of hair too, but I will leave that up to yours and hers  Unitl next time, Eddy. 


Scrapthat said...

I think the purpose of the beard is easily explained....Hockey is on so mutual fun times are off...Grow the beard and the women will naturally stay away LOL Enjoy the playoffs, I hope for your sake it's a quick few months! ;)

Lisa and Eddy said...

It's all good!! We'll just wait and see how it all turns out. Thanks.

Scrapthat said...

LOL I'm sure she will still love ya' scratchy, hairy beard and all. :)