Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mini Candy!

Yes you read it right! We are having a mini candy! I am stockpiling the "goods" for the big 200 post candy but I wanted to warm you up with a mini candy.
So if you would like your name in the draw for our mini candy just do the following:
1) become a follower
2) link our candy in your sidebar
3) leave us some love ;)....yes I'm getting desperate here...Eddy gets more love than me...something has gone wrong...horribly I'm gonna bribe you! ;)

Here's the candy!
5 medium tags
10 mini tags
5 packs of bling
4 ribbon, 4ft each color shown
Candy will remain open until April 15, 2010

You know the best part of the parade when your a kid...the candy!
Well same with blogs really...we're all here for the candy! ;)
Thanks for stopping by.
Cheers LISA! ;)

I will ship international too!


Scrapthat said...

LOL Eddy gets more love because he's so good to you and let's face it, how many men blog about how much they care for their sweeties?!
I became a follower...thought I was but I am now.

Susie Sugar said...

I think its so sweet you 2 blog together, Garry and I craft together but he's not interested in blogging he's to busy playing war games !! lol
Thanks for the chance to win your lovely bling and fab tags and ribbon darling
You are in my side bar and I am a follower
Hugs Susie xx (xx theres a little extra love !! he he )

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Hey Lisa .. I'm now a follower to your "new" blog =) The new blog looks great!!!

Lisa and Eddy sitting in a tree .. lol Is that enough love for ya - lol

I will link you to my blog!!

Tammy said...

Hi Lisa, You already know I follower...I posted a link on my sidebar for your mini candy. How sweet for you two to blog together. My hubby won't even look at my page unless I shove it in front of him. LOL....

Edys Gonçalves said...

Thanks so much for this candy. I linked on my sidebar.

I loooove your blog
Hugs from Brazil

Nikki said...

Very Cute you two My other half won't craft anything to do with paper unless it's make an airplane lol and he won't blog it's not his thing. So I've linked you in my sidebar and follow too
Hugs Nikki

La Vikinga said...

Why on earth does HE get more than YOU??? We will definitely have to change that!!

La Vikinga accepts the bribe, becomes a follower and wants to participate in the mini-blogcandy!!

justcallmegirlie said...

Great site Lisa! I'm now a follower too, even though I thought I had before! LOL Keep up the great work!


Thistleblue said...

Thanks for the chance to take part and win some scrummy candy i've became a follower and linked you up now for some loving... how about lots of huggles..?

Michelle xxx

ScrappingHappy said...

wow thanks for the chance to win im so excited great blog

Heike said...

Wow, what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.....


Aline Fonseca said...

What a great idea to join both blogs!
Congrats and good luck!
Be happy!

Thanks for the chance to win this candy! I love so much those blings!

Kissesssssssssssssssssssssssss from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (under water)!

Aline Fonseca

Have a beautiful day!

Natalie Z. said...

Hi Lisa! What a wonderful Blogcandy. I'm now a follower to your blog. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely bling and fab tags and ribbon:)
You are in my side bar. Welcome to my blog.
Hugs Natalie.

kimmie_35 said...

Have linked and am a follower... love your blog... thanks for the chance to win... Love a bit of bling!!!!
Couldn't quite imagine my OH crafting and blogging with me... He fishes... yawn!!!!!!
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new to your blog. Today is my first of many to come visits. I have a folder of blogs worth visiting at least once a week and you are on it! I do not have a blog as of yet...working on it diligently! Please, let me be enterred in your mini-candy give away. It doesn't look so mini to me!

Thank you so much.

He IS Able,
Traci S.
(I'm at SCS,& CPC)

Cheryl said...

Hi, I just came to your blog from Mojo monday. I love your card.

Anikraft said...

Im a bit new to this blogging thing, I enjoy reading yours. Will be back for more. Thanks for the chance of winning the candy!