Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Pins is open for business!

Pretty Pin Embellishments is open for business!
A few of you may have noticed lately some "pretty pins" have started to appear on my cards. Well I saw a need for something so I created it! Now I have the blog up and running so anyone who wants some "pretty pins" can hop on over and purchase some!

In celebration of finally being open for business I thought I would run a little blog candy! yay! I know we all love us some candy!
So here's what I need from you and then I'll throw your name in the bowl for some pins! (yes I still use a bowl with folded pieces of paper!)

1. become a follower of this blog (lisaandeddy.blogspot.com)
2. become a follower of Pretty Pin Embellishments
3. take the picture of the pins below and add it to your blog sidebar along with a link to Pretty Pin Embellishments (I need help spreading the word!)

1 pack of pins (winner's choice)
ALSO: for every 50 followers on the Pretty Pins Blog I will add another pack of pins...so spread the word..it doesn't hurt ;)

I am so excited to be creating something that everyone will be able to add to their paper crafts to make them that much "prettier"
I will be looking about for other blogs and challenges to sponsor so if you own a blog and run challenges give me a shout out and we can chat!
Thanks so much for the support...us gals gotta stick together...right? ;)
Thanks for stopping by
xo Lisa


Lissa said...

Hey, sweets! Thanks for the visit! I've got you all linked up, but when does this end?? I'd LOVE to be able to win some of your gorgeous pins!!

Lisa and Eddy said...

LOL I never thought of an end date..guess I should! lol I'll think on it overnight ;)

justcallmegirlie said...

Great work Lisa! I've done all is required of me, and will pass on the info to all my scrappy friends! :)