Friday, April 2, 2010


Is just dinner...until it's the first time you have the new "in-laws" over for dinner. You know the one I'm talking about....before they are "out-laws". I think the worse part is being divorced once already (no Eddy & I are not married...YET) so I know how in-laws can turn to out-laws and I don't want that to happen!

Frankly I think it happens without you even knowing it! Same with the brother & sister in-laws. I personally think it's because you don't get to hand pick them. You get to hand pick your partner....but not their family! I was actually happy in the said divorce to lose a couple of the "in-laws"....but this time I want to have them remain "in-laws". I like them. They are nice people and seem to like me....well most of them! lol Hey I don't think you can throw a bunch of people together and say "like each other and get along forever" and have it work. It's just not in the cards. So I'd actually rather just keep the mom & dad in my pocket and not worry so much about the rest....I think that's the winning combination. Boy that got sidetracked....or should I say I got sidetracked! lol

So dinner is Sunday night. We are cooking a ham, double baked potatoes and brocolli/cauliflower. I'm making mini cheesecakes for dessert. Hopefully I win them over...for a little while at least ;)

I think I should make a card...maybe that will impress them!

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xo Lisa

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