Monday, December 7, 2009


So recently life has been great. I know I know...can you believe I am saying that my life is great! Don't get me wrong...I (we) still have ALOT of shit going on....but it's more manageable. I think it's manageable because it's getting farther and farther away from my everyday and my emotions. Every once in a while I get "hooked" onto the emotion of it all....but I still have Danielle in my back pocket to help me find my way off the "hook". For which I'm grateful!!

Also...I'm 100% sure that having a loving, caring, supportive boyfriend helps! Can you believe I have had a boyfriend for over a month now. I can! I deserve it! He is super fantastic....and not too bad to look at either! ;) And he doesn't mind the kiddies win win ;)

I have also come to the conclusion in my life that change is good. I like changes actually....not that I want to do them all the time...but the occasional life change...not so bad. No one will ever be able to stand up at my funeral and say that I was a straight line girl and that's the way I like it! Roller Coaster's are a good thing ;) lol

Life is is is for living!

Love yah! ;)

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nscropper said...

So glad to hear thing are great with you ... you deserve it.