Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just been......

Occupied lately....little of this...little of that...and not a whole lot of crafting. We are Vancouver at the end of July. So I am currently in the "moving" mode....which means I'm not very creative at mind is on houses to rent, moving costs, packing, damage deposit, living with a man again! yikes! ;) All good things...just not crafty things....but then...does my blog just have to be about

So anyhow...I'm not much in the mood for writing so I'll share some current photo's to occupy my viewers ;)
 Eddy's first Father's Day! Thanks for being a GREAT step-dad Eddy!
 Me and my girls!
Eddy doing the manly BBQ thing :)

Vicky (Eddy's mom) and I at my parents house
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa


Calypso said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Happy Step-Daddy Day to Eddy too!!! Sounds like you have your hands full this summer, try to enjoy it as much as possible and we are here for you!!
It doesn't all have to be about's your about anything you want.


Susie Sugar said...

Hi Lisa (& Eddy) looks like you had a fun fathers day BBQ
You lot make a fab looking family and take a great photo too.
Hope all goes well with the move and you get back to crafting and blogging as soon as you settle ....we all miss you guys, my face lite up when I saw you had been over to my blog today, I wondered where you had gone or what I had done ?!! .....see you are missed
Hugs Susie xx

Marlene said...

May I just say that you and your girls are GORGEOUS?!! :)