Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sassy Cheryls "show me" challenge 21!

Wow, I remember taking part in the first few Show Me challenges over at Sassy Cheryl's Blog. Now they are at 21! Hopefully I don't stay away and then they are at 42! So here's my space. I've been gutting and downsizing. I must admit, like alot of other fellow crafters, I enjoy the "buying" supplies part of crafting. But I've recently came to the conclusion that if I ever want to go on a holiday I best learn new practices around money! lol So gutting the house and seeing what I already own is a good start. And I own alot of crafty stuff! I don't use half of it. So it's time. So here's the big gut in the making;

This is the stuff in the hall that will be sold, somehow, somewhere!

 This is my table, looking a little better
 This is the cabinet looking way better! but still a work in progress. Maybe next week I'll manage to do a before and after post! lol

I've taken a picture of some flowers I'm working on for a swap;

So if you wanna have a peak at some other crafty spaces and projects go Here and look for Show Me Challenge 21 (sorry I can't seem to get the exact link to work on my new MacBook) ;)

Thanks for stopping by
Till next time

p.s. I've been eating healthier!


Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

SO glad you played along this week, Lisa. And BTW. . . LOVE your new profile pic. GORGEOUS!

I'm like you, I have to get rid of stuff. Isn't it crazy how much stuff we accumulate!
Happy Easter.

Paper Bagley said...

Nice big studio! I just moved into mine this last nov. you can take a look on my blog, Nov 2010. We have the same wood drawers, the ones under your table, I got mine a long time ago, would love to get more but cant find them, got a lead? Your flowers are inpressive, like to see something different...see ya, Tootsie

Cynthia said...

I am in desperate need of purging my craft supplies as well! Hubby says we must have a garage sale this summer. :-) Thanks for sharing your lovely craft room with us, Lisa.

Lisa G. said...

Thanks for looking gals!

Tootsie, I got my wooden drawers at ikea :)

Shirley said...

Good for you for purging. I seem to be gathering more. Love those flowers.