Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been a bit

Update....I've been keeping with my Boulder Hill walk which so far has helped me tone and loose 5 lbs! I had incorporated a new 21 day challenge to myself: upper body workout. BUT yesterday I went for a check in with the plastic surgeon about the cyst in my left wrist and she cut it out right then and there. So with a cyst the size of a grape coming out and left with 4 stitches and a whole lotta pain, well the upperbody workout is put on hold. Same with the walking as it will make my blood pump tooooo much!!! ouch! So I rested yesterday and today then walk tomorrow. Stitches come out next week and then I'll start my new challenge over. :)

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nscropper said...

wow ... i need to come on your walk with you. :)