Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I hurt everywhere!! I didn't know it was possible for your eyelids to hurt! I rolled out of bed this morning to get Harley his blanket (that fell off his bed) and my abs hurt...I actually said "ouch". Wonder why I'm hurting?? Cause like a crazy person I have decided to get really healthy. I'm tired of wondering if I look good to the world...I want to know I look good....for me! Does that make any sense at all?? I'm telling you I think I have officially lost my mind. Yesterday was the first day of abs. I went over to Kris's house (my great lovely FRIEND) lol...and she tortured me. NOT the out loud would be to easy for me to rebel....but the's gonna hurt like hell later...glad I'm not around torture. But she is such a great friend...she is doing it with me. You should have heard us on the phone this morning....for once we weren't bitching about the men or the little people that have descended on we were bitching at about how much our bodies hurt....and planning our next day of it....see minds lost!!!

So I'm sitting here on the computer doing my computer stuff....trying to dance in my seat to the music...but that hurts too....I think it's time for some lunch....tuna & celery...YUM....note to self "skinny feels better than chocolate tastes"....right ;)

Love yah!

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