Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love games!! NOT headgames...bleech....but real games! My favourite game, for those that don't know me ;) is baseball. I have played since I was little....actually have to find some pictures of me playing when I was just tiny and post them! MOM...oh MOM!! lol
Yesterday I played three games. 11:00, 2:00, 5:00. That is just tooooo much ball. I am so lucky my family babied me when I got home. I hurt everywhere last night. I thought for a moment I was going to need hip replacement surgery on both hips!! Three games is a lot of running. Anyhow...we took some pictures so I'll share! ;)
Here is me up to bat...I do actually believe I am in swing motion here...can you see the ball in front of my bat? Yes it was VERY hot yesterday...tonnes of sunscreen and water was required!

Here I am eating a rice krispie square at the water park in between games...flattering picture isn't it! ;)
Kevin was able to come because the games are on the weekend! Yay!! Here he is helping Harley across the monkey kids are monkey's! Especially Zoe...that kid can swing across anything!
Zoe's turn...see what I mean...little monkey...she's cheaky too...cheaky monkey! ;)

and last but not least...Summer! She was very proud of was the first time she got all the way across! Go Summer!!

So that was yesterday! :) Today I have another game at 12:00....if my body co-operates! ;)
On the crafty front....I have got a cuttlebug!! The crafters that read this blog will know what that is...the other people that read that don't craft...well it's a tool for crafting. I just love it! It add's just that little bit extra to my world ;)
I have been asked to make some cards for "congrats" on your working on that. STILL working on the 56 bridal shower invitations....boy my girl Danielle has a lotta friends! Oh and trying inbetween all that to get a couple scrap pages done here and there.
I love love love surfing all my friends creative blogs. There is soooo much inspiration out there it boggles my mind at times....I know I know not hard to do.....I can literly be on for hours just looking because most blogs (no not mine, i'm not that technical yet) have link's to others on the then you go looking there too! yikes...time...I need more time! lol...
So here is another amazing blog I found and she has a little competition going on that I'm going to TRY and get done. I need to send in three poems (little ones I'm sure ;) with the hopes that my name is drawn in her blog candy give away....boy I would love to win those little images she has stamped! Here is her blog:
So that is it for me this am. I need to get something done before I have to head to town for ball again. Have a fabtabulous day everyone in blog land!

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nscropper said...

Great pics ... looks like it was a fun day. :)
Good luck with the draw. :)