Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some great candy up for grabs....and CHECK out Beth's work while your there!! I wanna be able to color like Beth when I grow up! ;)

So what's new in the Beaudry house you ask?? Well Kevin has moved home!!! You read it right more Tofino life for him. It's too hard for him to be away from that!....and the job is too this but with your hands tied kinda best to walk away while the going's good right??

So ask me how easy it is to get 1.5 households worth of stuff into 1 house?? IT'S NOT! LOL....yes I'm laughing :) We have compromised....for a's not been easy but we have done it. Some stuff is under the house...some is in the garden shed...some is even at my parents...but it's done. Phew.

I have been creating some cards, trying to learn new techniques and trying to catch up on 4 years worth of know...the usual....but it's fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll take some pics of the cards later...for now I'm off to get inspired in blog land!


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Beth Norman said...

It sounds like you are one busy gal! You'll be happy to hear that I am going to concentrate on posting tutorials on colouring and making your images "wow" over the next couple of weeks.