Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend of cards!

That's what I did...all weekend...made cards!!
10 Congratulations on your house cards: 5 Congratulations on your baby girl cards:
5 Congratulations on your baby boy cards:
5 small "girl" happy birthday cards:
5 large "girl" happy birthday cards, two different Bella images used:

and last but not special order birthday card...

Next on the order....10 male birthday cards, 10 small congrats on your house cards....oh and I get to make a Happy 100th Birthday card!! How exciting is that...a little bit of pressure but exciting!
Off to blog land....
Cheers xo


Chrispea said...

Those cards are adorable. Love the bathtub one!

Marfa said...

They are do you have the Nestibilities Scallopped thingie??

Paola said...

Love that bathtub image too.
Where did you get that one?
Bellas rock of course!
Very nice work!