Saturday, February 13, 2010


That was the sound that I made when my best girlfriend said she was going to stop at the $store to pick up some Valentine's cards for her 4 girls (3 are her's, 1 is exchange student) I Gaspppped into the phone....then quickly said "no your not! I'll whip something up and drop it off today on my way out of town." She of course was not wanting to put me out. To which you ALL know my reply "no worries at all, I'm crafting anyways!" lol Which I actually was going to be because I had yet to make my kids cards at that point!

I knew exactly what to make all these teenage/pre-teen girls....and of course my one little guy ;)

Here's what I whipped up....I love that they can use the button's on their coats, or bags, or purses...who knows with girls!
These are the four for Tamara's girls:

These are the three for my kiddies

Thankfully I can breath again knowing they won't be getting dollarstore junk....gotta protect those kiddies ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Off I go to shop!


Lisa Jane said...

oh what a fab idea - they will love those. I wouldn;t mind getting one myself lol.
You have been really busy.
Thank you for comments ther are really appreciated.
Lisa ;) ( what a great name!)

Pretty-In-Ink said...

They are gorgeous Lisa!
You certainly are getting a lot of crafting done! It's great to see!
I bought some really cute badges to use in my crafting and I haven't got around to using them yet! You have definately inspired me to dig them out and do something with them!
The girls and your little guy will love their cute cards!

Stampi said...

Lisa these are them..brilliant...

Lisa G. said...

Thanks girls!! I love having's something I hoard! lol but I figure it's time to start letting go! :)

Rhonda said...

Fabulous, Lisa! Thank you for rescuing them from dollar store cards LOL! :)

Mary J said...

Your post made me laugh! Well done for coming to the rescue! Love the cards, such a brilliant idea! I'm off to browse through your blog...

Amy said...

These Valentine's are way too fun and the addition of the buttons is such a brilliant idea... it's like a card and gift all rolled into one! :)

GobeaGirl said...

You are a sweet friend, and these are just adorable! Happy Valentine's Day, Lisa G