Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOYWW week 51

Well another week has gone by's true the older you get the more time flies! But I'm having fun so I won't complain! ;)
I decided to do a tidy after looking at last weeks pictures....the clutter drives me nuts...even if it's just looks cluttery (is that a word?) ha ha
So here's my main desk...clean & tidy:

This week I decided to pan to the right & this is to the right of my desk
Soon I would like to paint all my wooden items chocolate brown...I think when we move that will happen.
I love my ribbon hanging...I use it way more...and in the plastic hanging thingy's (yes another lisa word) are my printed off digital images....I always print a full sheet...lord knows I'm not talented enough to print on a tiny piece of cardstock and I won't waste ;) 
.....and this is to the right even more...actually behind me if I am standing at my desk.
I got this shelf at Ikea...I love ikea.

......and this is to the right of my desk and down.
The black and brown units are paper packs from Costco...I barely use them...just not my style of paper.
To the left of them is my scrap unit for cardstock and one unit for patterned paper....seems to make me use scraps it works ;)
The white and green containers are photo's....the green holds the two years I'm behind...the white holds "didn't make it into the books" photo's...the kids get to have at that container!

That's about it for my space today. If you wanna play or check out other's pop over HERE
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lisa


Helen said...

I love the Ikea shelf, and your ribbons look fantastic - like a multicoloured curtain!

Nancy said...

Love the ribbons, very easy to match to your projects that way


Linda Elbourne said...

How organised are you ... now get around to my place and help me :0) erm ... please!

Kirsti said...

Wow.... look at all your stuff!!! The ribbon is ace!!

joey said...


gorgeous desk I love your space!!! the ribbons do look so effective habging like that


Darcy said...

great photos, ribbons look like a curtain hanging there, i do love them. I am only about 22 years behind on photos lol gotta love ikea!

Tracy Evans said...

Very organised tidy desk just how I like mine. Love that butterfly punch on your desk too and your ribbons are very well organised. Tracy Evans x

LadyBug said...

you have a great crafting area!!! i could lose myself for hlours there :) I bought the brown costco pack and although the paper isn't really me I have to say it's been a godsend for making minibooks and gifts for others. the bag is also a wonderful 12x12 paper store for all my more used brands of paper.

Marlene said...

I love IKEA, too!! :)

Lynne said...

Wow, look at all those yummy ribbons. Everything looks so organised...can you pop over to my house?? Thansk for letting us all in to have a look. Lynne x

Tracey said...

oh you are so organised. The ribbons look so lovely. Thabks for letting us have a peek at your crafting area

Spyder said...

oh so many ribbons!! and they all seem very tame! Mine attach me every time I open the jar!! Lovely carfty space, and soo much lovely stuff!

Julia Dunnit said...

How many times have I bought stuff that isn't me but might be useable? You're so not alone lisa. Love that organised and colourful space you have - it's very inspiring indeed. Especially the sort of gantry type shelf/hanger....hmmm.

mckinkle said...

Wow what a sparkling tidy crafty space youve got now!

Keryn ;0

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh lots of fabby ribbons :) Thanks for swinging - in a manner of speaking LOL
Anne xx

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Boy can you pop round and sort me out you are so darn tidy and organized , why can't I be like this .....HELP ME !!!!!! LOL
Love Susie xx