Sunday, December 11, 2011

Betty home maker today!

I'm feeling more like my "old" self lately. I think it has taken awhile for me to feel settled into Vancouver life. But now that I've had my job for over a year and have gotten into a routine, I can now feel the home maker coming back. Today I decided it was time to tackle making Minestrone soup. Zoe's favourite soup. I also made biscuits with cheese, as those are Summer's favourites! I was so impressed with myself that I even took a few pictures!

I also managed to go with Eddy to get groceries from 7:30-9:00, went to the hairdresser for a dye job at 10:00, came home to do some laundry and make the soup & biscuits...oh and I made a card too.

This is for my friend Gloria's challenges for December. Die cut flower and a sketch. I actually used my cricut flower shoppe cartridge for my first flower today!

Anyhow, just wanted to share a bit of my betty home maker day.

Thanks for listening this far & for stopping by!
xo Lisa G.


mow180 said...

The soup and bisquits look delicious - you are a good Mom, Lisa!

Lydia said...

Great Looking card , but that soup looks like christmas in a bowl!!! Yuuuummmm!!!