Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Challenge

Who doesn't love a challenge that involves Santa? I like anything that involves Santa. Quick little story before my card. Harley (my 9 year old) is on the verge of not believing in Santa, it started last year. I'm pretty good at keeping the "santa" stuff completely different from the rest of the gifts under the tree. I have "santa" wrap that nobody sees and Santa needs a little help with his handwriting because it looks like it's done with someone's left hand ;) ;) So he says to the girls (his older sisters) "Santa's not real you know" to which they reply "yes he is". He then thinks for a minute "I know that Santa is Mom". The girls then reply "well you can think it's mom but if you don't believe in Santa he won't come put any presents under the tree for you, you have to believe to receive". I was very impressed with the girls at this point. He then says "well I want Santa to put presents under the tree for me so I believe". The girls then say with the most sarcastic look on their faces as they could muster up (only because they knew they had the opportunity to get away with it) "as if Mom would be such a dork to put her own presents under the tree from Santa". Oh I love my teenage girls. I believe so I receive, even if the girls are getting coal this year! ;)
Ok ok enough of my life with teenagers.....

Here's my card for the Santa challenge going over in Cheryl's corner of the world.

Luckily I had a Santa image printed from last year as I have yet to figure out now that I have a MacBook how to print my digital images. See I don't have word on this new computer, I think I may have to break down and get word or I'm going to not be able to play....and mom's that don't have playtime and have teenagers....that's a story for Lockdown on T.V. ;)

So here's mine:

If you wanna play along or have a look at all the other awesome creations following the link to Santa's challenge above.
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xo Lisa G.


jkreucher said...

One of my fave Santas... your card is fantastic! love your coloring!
Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl Santa Challenge this week!

Sassy Cheryl said...

Great story! You're not a dork. FUNNY!
Gorgeous card and I agree. . . .who doesn't LOVE Santa!
Love it Lisa.
Thanks for playing in the Sassy Cheryl's Challenge this week.