Monday, April 7, 2008

Creating, creating, creating....need sleep!

Wow! Creating is exhausting! I get why an artist's house is messy...could never understand that, being the organized clean freak I was, but I get it now. The other day I actually looked in the girls room and thought OMG and just shut the door!! AND I left the house with a pile of dishes that needed to be done! So all in all I guess I am turning over a new leaf...and it's ok!

Tonight I don't have a picture to post but I am working on two pieces. One is a ABC piece and the other is my custom order I received. Wow custom orders are harder than I thought they would be....but it did come together...just harder to think of what would please someone else!

All the kids are well. Kevin was here for the weekend and we all enjoyed seeing him!

I am definitely going to need to step up the work if I plan on having 20 for the craft fair...maybe I won't need that many....lets just see how many I get done! ;)

Cheers for now
Love L

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